Yoakum Weekly Herald January 27

Yoakum Weekly Herald January 27, 1910

City’s Big Taxpayers


“Some of Yoakum’s Tax Payers who pay $5,000 or more to the support of the city government are listed. The tax rate for the city this past year was $1.05 on the $100 valuation of property. S.A. & A.P., RY Co- $135,209, Yoakum National Bank- $75,000, Yoakum State Bank- $56,000, Yoakum Improvement- $49,577, J.A. Graves- $39,000, J.M. Haller- $37,460, Ullmann, Sterne & Krause- $35,000, National Compress Co- $36,050, J. Lyons-$23,775, John Huth-$23,435, Shropshire &Co-$22,500, Roos Bros-$18,260, Dan T. Price-$17,945, W.L. Orth-$17,945, N.D. Arnold-$17,300, F. Mergenthal-$16,230, Chas. Kessler, est-$15,080, J.B. Harris-$15,015, Yoakum Ice Co- $14,800, W.L. Lowrance-$13,800, J.A. Lander-$13,310, A.E. Boyd-$13, 600, J.E. Lander- $ 12,950, B.P. Stephenson-$12,625, F. M. Tatum-$12,560, C&R. Neumann-$11,000, Mrs. P. Youngkin-$10,250, Yoakum Lumber Co-$10100, H.C. Koch & Co-$10,000, Weymouth Drug Co-$10,000, W.H. Opet-$10,000, Southw.Tel &Tel Co-#10,000, South Texas Lumber Co.- $10,000, C.B. Kaiser-$9,650, Mrs. L. Gebert-$9,565, J.P. Morris-$9,125, Mrs. E. Jameison-$8,300, Mrs. C.F. Tooley-$8,250, C. Pich-$8,500, R.C. Flick-$8,500, D. Kleinsmith-$8,100, W.A> Fink-$8,668, John M. Green- $8,668, John H. Green-$7,603, W.L. Burton-$7,265, John Vrazel-$7,235, Sil Hinds-$7,030, Shiner Gin & Mill CO-$ 7,000, N. Kalvorisky-$7,000, J.T. Shindler-$ 6,915, Mrs. A. Roos-$ 6,750, Gun Rinn- $ 6, 720, O. Inabnit- $6,455, J.W. Wallace- $ 6,350, C. G. Koerth- $6,250, G. Schulz-$6,060, H. Mylius-$6,050, Lavaca Oil Co-$6,000, Mrs. M. Shindler-$6,000, A.J. Ross- $ 5,960, F. Hillmann-$5,944, C.C. Tribble-$5,900, W. Lander- $5,800, D.B. Cain & Co-$5,800, W.L. Johnston-$5,870, Mrs. S.A. Gree-$5,759, E.Herder-$5,639, O.N. Guthrie-$5,739, Henry Quota- $5,670, D.J. Shall-$5,615, J.S. Hall-$5,581, W.P. Davis-$5,495, J.W. Cook-$5,455, O.Olsen-$5,185, E.B. Carruth-$5,130, J.R. Kirchoff-$5,050, J.S. Brown-$5,415, and Mrs. Annie Dunn- $5,000.

          Mr. Leo Gandert of Shiner is here and has rented a portion of the J.R. Chambers drug store and us busy now straightening up, preparatory to opening up a first class jewelry store therein. Mr. Gandert is a fine engraver, and expects to carry a full line of jewelry. He will probably be ready for the trade by the early part of next week.

          O.Olsen who has been successfully running the large hotel near the passenger depot for the past three years, this morning leased it to Mr. J.N. Hargraves of San Antonio, who will at once take charge. Mr. Olsen as yet has not decided what line of business he will engage in, but will probably remain in Yoakum. The hotel is conveniently located for the traveling public, it being located only a stone throw from the passenger depot and as a result, catches a large share of the travel.  We predict for Mr. Hargraves much success in his venture.

          Dr. J.M. Godwin has opened up a drug store in the Levytansky building, on Front Street for his son, James. The Doctor will have his office at his son’s store and also assist him with the business.

          O.H. Schwab, real estate man, yesterday closed a deal between Charlie Paasch and Henry Luebben of Hochheim, whereby Mr. Luebben becomes the owner of a fifty acre farm on the prairie. The land brought fifty dollars an acre.



Marriage Licenses

(Lavaca County Courthouse)

Jan. 15-John F. Holubec and Rosa Prasek

Jan 18-Surry John and Emma Johnson



(Lavaca County Courthouse)

Dec. 23-M.B. Bethel and wife, girl, Yoakum

Dec. 24-Joe Matejek and wife, girl, Sweet Home

Jan. 4- Fritz Hattenbach and wife, girl, near Yoakum

Jan. 6- J.W. Crockett and wife, girl, Yoakum

Jan 7- Sam Mayrowitz and wife, boy, Yoakum”