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“Yoakum Weekly Herald- January 14, 1909”- Local News


“ Sunday evening Mrs. Fritz Hillman entertained a large number of her friends in honor of her birthday.”


“The following are the elected Woodmen officers: C.L. Tubeville, C.C; P.R. Goff, A.L.; E.A. Palmer, Banker; Dr. S.S. Stahl, Clerk; A.J.. Turbeville, Escort; A. Marburger,  Watchman; O. Lorson,  Sentry.”


“A deal has been closed through the real estate firm of W.L. Johnston & Company whereby W.H. Opet becomes the owner of two residence lots on May street just this side of the Weatherly home and will in the near future commence the erection of two modern dwelling thereon.”


“A basketball game was played on the High School campus on last Saturday evening and with the following players: Captain Humphrey’s side- Henry Hunphreys, Will Orth, Frank Mylius, Joe Hudson, and Sam Moore. Captain Manning’s side- Bernard Manning, Mark Brown, Lee Burkett, Harvey New berry, and Monroe Rinn. The winning side was tha of Captain Humphreys, the score being 16 to 15.”


“ Mayor Dan T. Price has received a letter from Austin stating that the city school bonds have been approved and were turned over to the Comptroller for disposal. This insures Yoakum a fine school building which will make it a garden spot of education.”


“ Mrs. John H. Kennedy assisted by her sister, Miss Rose May Beasley, very prettily entertained in her home 209 Coke Street, in honor of Mrs. J.C. Hardison of New Iberia , LA. The invited guests were Mrs. Boyce Henderson Wimberley, Willie May Johnston Hardison, May Volentine Talk, Katie Stephenson Kilgore, Susie Harding Post, Alma Shindler Palmer, Cora Clifton Stafford, Lillie Farrington Beck, Edna Crouch May, Willie Sadler Montgomery, Ethel Spieler Smith, Norma Morris Carr, Isola Beattie, Kate May, Mollie Palmer, Lou May, Augusta Herman, Lottie May, Florence Stapp, Bertie Williams, Mary Frey and Clara Kennedy.”


WlL. Johnston has sold to the Texas Oil Co., a site where they will erect a warehouse, tanks, and stables and make this one of their distributing points, with J.M. Young, as local manager for the company. The warehouse will be located in the Y, and the dimensions are 40x60, besides stables and the wagon house.”


Baptist Church officers are: Clerk, J.D. Webb; Treasurer, D.B. Cain; Organist, Mrs. Julius Franks; Active deacons for the year 1909; J.W. Cook, Dr. Si Youngkin, W.F. Neeley, L.C. Chandler. These added to the  four, F. Pulsford, S. White, J.D. Webb and W.H. Rice.”



“ At an early hour Wednesday evening, Rev. Father Hefferman performed the marriage ceremony in the Catholic church which united for the better or for the worse the hand and hearts of Adolph Hollan and Miss Georgia May.

          Yesterday afternoon at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Humphreys, Judge W.W. Wimberely in a few impressive words officiated in the solemn marriage rite that united Mr. Roland May and Miss Lena Holster in the holy bonds of wedlock for life.

          Miss Ninnie May married Mr. Warren Stubblefield on Dec. 1908.”