Highlights from pages of The Herald

Highlights from pages of The Herald-Times, Yoakum Daily Herald and The Yoakum Weekly Herald.

Transcribed by Carla H. Ratcliff





Jan 2-24, 1941


Weddings: Miss Margaret Joe Schwab of Hochheim married Mr. William Flemming of Concrete. He is employed with the South Texas Lumber Company. : Miss Bessie Cimerhanzel and Mr. William J. Baumgartner were married in Houston.; Miss Winnie Hazel Branham and Mr. R. M. (Mack) Porche were married Jan 5.


Births: Mr. and Mrs. Robert Thiele of Cheapside are the proud parents of an 8 lb. baby boy born Saturday at 2:30 a.m.; Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Ward are proud young parents of an 8 lb. 14 oz. baby girl, born Sunday night. Mrs. Ward was formerly Miss Mary Kutac.


Deaths: Mr. Sam Taylor Sr., 92 passed away Jan 4. Mr. Taylor was born in North Carolina on Dec. 22, 1848, and with his parents left there in 1850, traveling in a caravan for Texas. They settled on the Guadalupe River, where the village of Concrete now stands. It was Mr. Taylor’s father who founded the town of Concrete and his father also was one of the founders of a College at Concrete, which at one time was the educational center of South Texas. Mr. Taylor could tell many interesting stories of trips he made overland driving cattle to the markets in Kansas City. He talked of riding over our Main Streets when it was only range land.

          Mr. Harvey Giles, 78, passed away Jan 12.He was born Feb 17, 1862 in Henry Co. Ill.

          Mrs. Frances Bartek, 65, passed away Jan 13.

          Mr. William Colson Thirft, 84, passed away Wednesday.

          Mr. James Caleb Lampley, 92, passed away Jan 9, at his home between Hope and Ezzell. In 1860, he came to this country with his parents from South Carolina, landing at Old Indianola. He moved to Old Clinton and moved from there to his recent home. In 1866 Mr. Lampley married Miss Fannie Upchurch.

          Mrs. Anna Marie Petering, 71, passed away Jan 9. She was born October 29, 1869 in Fayette County. In 1893, she came to Pilot Grove. On Oct. 15, 1895, she married Henry J. Peterling, and came to Dewitt County.

          Mr. Emmauel Silvester Hagan, 75, passed away Jan 10. On September 20, 1897 he married Miss Elvira Kelly. He was one of the principal workers in building St. Joseph Catholic Church.

          Mr. Jacob Krauskoph, 86, passed away recently. He was united in marriage to the late Theresa Kleckar 62 years ago.

          Mrs. Mattie Allen Palmer, 78, passed away Jan 17. She was corn at Old Sweet Home April 4, 1864. On Jan. 10, 1884, she was married to john Beverly Palmer.

          Mrs. Caroline Jank, 73, passed away Jan 19.She lived in Yoakum since 1905.

          Mr. Otto  Frank Friedel, 43, passed away Jan 23.



January 26-31, 1941


News of the Day

Jimmie Swank, formerly a part owner in the Oasis, announced he has purchased the entire business. Swank has had much experience in drive in and restaurant business.



Births: Mr. and Mrs. Willie Staehr are the proud parents of a baby girl born Jan. 26.; Mr. and Mrs. S. Braden of Hochheim announce the birth of a baby girl, born Jan 26.





William Poth, 70, well known farmer and ginner of Cheapside passed away today. He was born in Austin County, but made Cheapside his home for 43 years.



February 2-14, 1941


Birthdays: Mrs. Robert Chudej honored her mother, Mrs. John Pulkrabek, Sr., with a dinner for her 77th birthday.


Weddings: Annie Jiral and Frankie Brenek were married Jan 28 at St. Ann’s Church.

          Margaret Morrow and Alex Benbow were married Saturday; Louise Muenker and Weldon B. Davis were married Wednesday.; Mrs. Ethyl Samberson and Elo Leister were united in marriage Friday. They will reside in Concrete.; Violet Louise Peterson and John  Edwin  Brown were united in marriage on Feb 8.



Deaths: Miss Mattie Leslie, 68, passed away Jan 31. She was born in Lavaca County, April 8, 1872.; Arthur Wellington Wilmoth, 77 , passed  away Feb 2. He was born July 27, 1863 in Beverly, West Virginia, and moved to Yoakum in 1923.



February 16-21, 1941


Birthdays: Mrs. L.W. Henderson honored her mother, Mrs. Mary Campbell with a surprise party on her 68th birthday.


Wedding: Mrs. Billie Ploeger, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. P.H. Newby married A.J.Meyers, son of Mr. and Mrs. C.E. Meyers of Meridan.



February 24-March 7, 1941


Weddings: Irene Dylla and Eddie Grossman were married in Gonzales Feb 22. Mrs. Grossman is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dylla of Dreyer.; Norma Frels of Concrete and Leonard Steinman of Terryville were married March 2 in the Lutheran Church.



Births: Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Neal are the proud parents of a 7 lb. , 7 oz., baby girl born at Huth Memorial Hospital Sunday.; Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Ford  announced the birth of a son, David Stanley, Mon. morning at Huth Memorial Hospital. The bay weighs 8 ˝ lbs.; Mrs. Geo. Alles and infant son were at home on W. May Street. The little son was born Saturday morning at Huth Memorial Hospital Saturday at 1:30 and weighs 9 pounds.  


Deaths: J.L. Bass, 77, passed away Feb 22. He was born in West Point, Georgia on Feb 14, 1864 and at the age of 16 came to Texas, settling at Ft. Worth. In 1901 he was married to Miss Rosie Lee Hunley. The couple soon moved to Greenville, where he was connected with the Perkins Store for a number of years, leaving there in 1913 to become owner of the business in Yoakum which he managed until his death. He and his brother, John M. Bass purchased the brick building and stock of dry goods from J.M. Haller.

          John Robert Humphreys, 77, passed away Feb. 24. In 1895 Mr. Humphreys was united in marriage to Miss Caroline Brown. He was born to Mr. and Mrs. George P. Humphreys on their farm near Yoakum in Lavaca County. In his younger days he was a cowboy on the George West ranch. He was a member of the “Old Trail Drivers” and in those early years, he made four trips up the Trail, going as far as Cheyenne, Montana. About 1889 he was employed at the S.A. & A.P. railroad, until his retirement in 1927.

          Mrs. Sophia Rinn, 71, passed away March 3. She was born at New Ulm, Austin in 1870. She was married to Mr. Gus Rinn on Dec. 31, 1890 at New Ulm, and moved to Yoakum. They lived on Edgar Street. Mr. Rinn entered the furniture business about 1895, the business being conducted under the Gus Rinn Furniture name by his son, Monroe Rinn. Mr. Rinn passed away in 1926.

          Mrs. Minnie Lockstedt, 81, passed away March 3. She was born in Germany Oct 23, 1859 to Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Jahns.



March 9-14, 1941


Deaths: James Andrew Swaey, 78, passed away at Koerth on March 10.; Mrs. Anna Ehlers, 63, passed away at Wied March 10.; Mrs. Maggie L. Moore, 73, passed away March 12. She was born in Marian County, Miss., on April 27, 1867 and came to Texas, settling near Hattlesville about 1887. On July 25, 1889, she married Edward L. Moore.



March 16-21, 1941


Births: Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Martin of El Campo announce the arrival of a fine baby boy, George Bruce, Tuesday night at 9:30 in the El Campo Hospital. Mrs. Martin will be remembered here as Miss Letitia Morrow, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Morrow.



Deaths: Cha. F. Bearicks died March 19. He was born in Stockholm, Sweden in 1866 and came to America at the age of 19. He settled in Michigan and remained there until moving to Yoakum in 1908. He was employed in the broiler shop of the S.A.&A.P. railroad and was foreman for many years and later was lay-out foreman, serving in this capacity until 1928. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Pinkey Bearicks, sons, Chas. L. of Altuma, Iowa, Bill of Victoria; daughters Mrs. J.B. (Edith) Connor and Mrs. E.R. (Marie) Emerson.




March 23-28, 1941


Deaths: Mrs. Emma Hough, 79, passed away March 22. She was born in Wisconsin, Oct 28, 1861, and married John James Hough in Centralia, Ill., in 1897.




March 30- April 10, 1941


Weddings: Zella Mae Jaeger and Gordon T. Barrett were married April5.; Hazel Maxine Christian and William L. Harbour were married April 5.



Deaths: Mrs. Louise Cynthia Bittick, 78, died Sunday. She had resided in Yoakum since 1917, coming here from Williamson County. She was the daughter of pioneer settlers of Texas.




April 13-17, 1941


Weddings: Lillian Jaresh, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A.W. Jaresh married Paul Ohmart of Houston in Galveston April 4.



Births: Mr. and Mrs. Richard Colley of Corpus Christi are the proud parents of a fine baby boy, weighing seven pounds, born Saturday at 4 a.m.; Sr. and Mrs. A.L. Harrison announce the birth of a 6 pound, 12 ounce baby girl, Amy Louise, Sunday at 9 a.m. at Huth Memorial Hospital.




April 20-25, 1941


Deaths: Mr. Leo Koehler, 74, died April 18. He was buried in the Oak Grove Cemetery.




April 27-30, 1941


Weddings: Miss Onic Jane Gibson and Frank Husak were united in marriage April 19.


Deaths: Mrs. Emma Davis, 67, passed away April 26. She was born in Boone Co, Arkansas on Sept. 27, 1873 and was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.S. Paul. She was united in marriage to Mr. Richar Davis.



May 1-6, 1941


Weddings: St. Sgt. Robert Whitfield of Ft. Meade, Md., and Miss Margaret Fulkerson of Hodgenville, Kentucky were married in Ellicott City, MD., April 19. The groom is the son of Mrs. W.R. Whitfield of Sublime. He joined the U.S. Army in 1936.



Deaths: Mrs. Mary Pustejovsky, 72, died May 6. She was born in Czechloslovakia and came to America in early girlhood.




June 1-27, 1941




Weddings: Frances Mae Rush and Clem C. Jones- June 1; Justine Fincher and Emil Beren- June 1; Ruth Schoenberg and Lawrence Grubert- June3; Helen Chandler and Joe Robert Garrett- June 4; Mary Ann Gose and Jacob Buntyn- June 16; Edith Muska and Gus Motal –June 18; Anna Mauzy and Roland Vogt- June21; Rita Mae Hermes and Louis Nemic- June24.



Births: Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Brandl announce the birth of a 9 ˝ pound baby boy born June 5 at their home, 208 Southwell.; Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Turner, Jr., are the proud parents of a 9 pound baby boy, Bryan Douglas, born June 5 at their home on Johnson Street.; A 5 ˝ pound boy, LeRoy Edwin, was born to Mr. amd Mrs. Chris Muenich June 5.; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Clark are the proud parents of an 8 ˝ pound baby girl born to them June 16 at their home on the Hochheim Road.; Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wolpman are the proud parents of a boy, Kraege Kent, born June 21.; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Motel are the proud parents of a 6 pound baby girl born June 21.


Deaths:  Roy Walter Dagg, 43, died June 5. He was born in Yoakum, January 27, 1898. He was united in marriage to Hilda Schmidt on Dec. 28, 1920.

          John Byars Garrett, 82, died June 7. He was born in Karnes County July 19, 1858 and married Mary McDonald Oct. 1, 1879.

          Luther Walker McBride, 65, died June 8. He was born Dec. 10, 1875, near Pleasant Hill, Missouri. On May 1, 1900, he was united in marriage to Miss Flora McNatt at Neosho, Mo. To this union, a daughter was born, Mrs. Carl C. Welhausen.

          Isham North Murphee, 75, died June 10. He was the son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Tom Murphree, who were among the very first settlers of DeWitt County. They settled on Cuero Creek, near Cuero, where the old Murphree homestead remains standing. It was the original league from the Republic of Texas.

          Anna Mae Bennetson, 3 month old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Otto Bennetson died June 9.

          Frank Steve Steffek, 66, died June 17. He was born Oct. 3, 1874 in Lavaca County and married Martha Hermes July 12, 1911.

          Mrs. Veronica Morisak, 58, died June 21 at  her home in the Hillside School Community, near Hochheim.



June 29 & 30, 1941


Weddings: Dorothy Evelyn Frels and Claud North Blackwell were married Monday evening in a beautiful candlelight ceremony in the home of the bride’s parents, 208 West Decatur St. in Ennis, Texas.


 Births:  A baby boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Cooper Saturday at 12:15 a.m.; A baby girl was born to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Brown Saturday at 8:45 p.m.



August 1941


Weddings: Ethel Lorraine Gustwick and William Wayne Wadley were married in Ennis on August 24.; Mrs. Audrey Mikulenka and Willis Gray Galloway were married July4.; Annaline Buntyn and Henry Edward Crawford were married Aug. 18.



Births:  An 8 lb, 8 oz. baby girl was born to Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Schroeder of Knippa, Tex.; Mrs. W. Grubert and baby girl was dismissed from the hospital.; Mrs. W. Coppedge and infant baby was dismissed from the hospital.


Deaths: Peter Christian Scott, 70, died recently. He was born in Denmark and came to the US in 1888. In 1890 he came to Yoakum.; Augusta Huebner, 75, died recently. He was born in Pommern, Germany on Nov. 27, 1865 and came to this country at the age of 17. In 1888 he was married to Miss Mathilda Quast and they lived at what is known as the “Quast Place” on the Old Sweet Home road.; J.S. Schrimscher died recently.