Yoakum Weekly Herald

Yoakum Weekly Herald

February 1, 1912


News of the day


J.G. House is moving his house goods today to the new Cummiskey cottage on East Gonzales St. The house near the school building which Mr. House is vacating will be occupied by Sam Green and family.

          Dr. Brewington and wife have arrived in the city from Stamford and will make their home in Yoakum. Dr. Brewington is a dentist and has taken offices over the Shropshire Drug store.

          C.C. Tribble has let the contract for the erection of four modern five-room bungalows, three in Park Heights addition, near the H. Tribble home and one on East Hill on Rose St.

          Mr. J.S. Browne has sold his home and rent cottage adjoining, located on Orth and Duke Streets to Herman Seecamp.

          Mr. J.J. Jaresh has closed a deal with Mr. Herman Dreyer by which the latter becomes owner of Mr. Jaresh’s fine home in the Eastern portion

Of the city.

          Charlie Kennard has opened a horse-shoeing shop in the little building at the rear of the State Bank.

          Mrs. M.E. Hood has purchased from .H. Boulware lots 3 and 4, block 300, Merriam addition.

          Harlem Morgan has begun a business course at Baldwin’s Business College.

          Miss Lillie Ploeger has accepted a position in the office of Judge Wimberly.

          Roy Hamil is all-round office man at the Souther Marble and Stone Co.

          Miss Milla Caraway is the new office lady at the People’s Grocery.

          Miss Alma Hillman is keeping accounts at McMaster’s Meat Market on Grand Avenue.

          Assistant Post Master Rudolph Hagan has severed connection with that position. Mr Hagan has been employed at the Post Office for the past several years.

          The bids were opened for the erection of the Catholic Church were: Chas. Fuess& Son, Bolton & Stephenson, Bailey Mills Company. Bids went to Fuess. The church will be built on the corner of Orth & Schrimscher and was designed by Architect J.Henry Yentzen.



Martha Stephenson and Edward Archer were married Saturday.





Dick Ponton and wife of Ezzell have a  new girl at their home.




Master Vernon Plimsall, the 5 year old child, who was reported some three weeks ago to have meningitis, died Sunday.