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Dewitt County Lookup Volunteers
Geneva Garrett owns the following and will make basic lookups via email.

1."Yoakum Community The First Hundred Years 1887-1987"byYoakum
Sesquicentennial/Centennial Book Committee
2."DeWitt County History" by The DeWitt County Historical Commission, 1991
3."Cemetery Records of DeWitt County Vol.1,II &III" by Patsy Goebel and
Karen Gohmert
1. DeWitt Co. CENSUS: 1860,1870,1880,1900,1910,1920
2. Courthouse Records:
a.Index to deeds,reverse,1846 - 1929
b.Index to deeds,direct, 1846 - 1929
c.Index to probate records, A - Z
d.Index to marriages 1846 - 1986
e. Tax Roll 1846-1910, & 1890 - 1910

EdgarDohmann owns the following and will make basic lookups via email.


1."The Church on the Coleto" aCondensed History of St. John Ev.Lutheran Church, Meyersville,Texas, 1991

2. "St. John Ev. Lutheran ChurchMeyersville, Texas", a Record of Church Chronicles,Congregation Reports, and Annual Meeting Minutes from 1850-1988,1988

3. "A Century of Divine Blessings",One Hundredth Anniversary Book of St. John Ev. Lutheran Chruch,1951

4. "St. John Ev. Lutheran ChurchMeyersville, Texas 125th Anniversary, 1976

5. "The Story of the Stone Church of1867", St. John Ev. Lutheran Church, Meyersville, Texas,1958

6. "Meyersville Memories - Up, Down, andAll Around", c1990 7. "Yorktown, Texas 1848-1956"by YHS Library Club, 1956

8."DeWitt County History" by The DeWitt County historical Commission, 1991

NOTE: I do not have any parish records or cemetery records from St. John Ev. Lutheran Church in my possession but I do access these records from time to time. I will do lookups in these but turn-around will be slow.

Carla Ratcliff owns the following and will make basic lookups via email.




 1850 census of DeWitt County

 "THE QUARTERLY OF THE TEXAS STATE HISTORICAL ASSOCIATION, Vol VIII, Oct 1904, Number 2, reprinted 1968.Contents- DeWitt's Colony. 193 pages devoted to the establishment of DeWitt's Colony in Texas; well documented; bibliography - large; original settlers and their places in and out of town.

DEWITT COUNTY CEMETERY BOOKS: VOL. I, II, III; plus the updates copied from the Yoakum Library

St. Ann's Catholic Church, Petersville- Burial records;

CUERO RECORD NEWSPAPER: INDEX for births, deaths, marriages ( I have copied this from the Cuero Library and it may not be complete). The Cuero Library has the microfilm. You can also find the microfilm at Texas Newspaper Collection The Center for American History, Austin , Texas

INDEX to Memorial and Genealogical RECORD of SOUTHWEST TEXAS- biographies and histories.

DON BROWNLEE owns a 1917 Yorktown Phone Book and will do lookups via email.