Local Notes:


E.J. BUCEK has returned from a few days visit to friends at Moulton.

The following ladies were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. J.R. BENBOW at their country home on Thanksgiving day: Mesdames, NEUMANN, PICK, HERMANN, SHROPSHIRE, GREEL, Misses Bernice and Virgie SHROPSHIRE.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank KUNETKA moved into the Morgan House that  was formerly run by Mrs. J.J. TOWNSEND and will run a boarding and rooming house. They have also rented the Yoakum House which is being remodeled and will be run as an annex to the MORGAN House.

C.H. DEVAULT has sold his interest in the ice factory here to W.L. NORTH and will on or about January the first leave for San Antonio, which place he will make his future home.

Morris WOOLSLEY, our popular transfer man played the lightning express yesterday afternoon and delivered a can of ice cream to Sweet home, and says he delivered the refreshing load in opportune time.

The matter of side-walk building has not been forgotten by The Herald. We will continue to remind the people of it until something is gained or all lost.

Mr. and Mrs. George WEHMANN entertained several of their friends in honor of Mrs. WEHAMNN fortieth birthday. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. WEHMANN, Sr., of Shiner, Mr. and Mrs. WUNDERLICK, Mesdames WORLFSDORFF, TAMFORDE, RUNN, RODE, WALICEK, and BUSH.

Miss Emoline HINDS, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sil HINDS celebrated her eighth birthday with a party.

Ed BAILEY for his planning mill is rapidly being pushed to completion. The building is very conviently situated and when Mr. BAILEY gets every thing in operation will fill a long felt want among the carpenters and contractors.

The enterprising firm of Messrs. S.A. CARNES & SON shipped this morning a solid car of turkeys to New York, which is the fifth

Car all told that they have shipped this season.

A very pretty affair was the Novelty Shower given Miss Mary MAY by the Woodmen Circle at the residence of Mrs. J.M. YOUNG.




Miss Ida SCHMIDT was united in marriage to Mr. Ed KURTZ. The groom is employed in the blacksmith shop of our townsman, H. NEUMANN. Mr. and Mrs. KUTZ arrived in the city on last night’s train and went to house keeping.

Miss Ora MAY was married to Mr. Joe CROCKETT today. She has been the popular little sales lady at the Yoakum Book Store and us a graduate of the Yoakum High School.




Death entered the home of an old veteran soldier and claimed as its own the spirit of Mr. William HANNA. He was born in 1824 and was 74 years old.