The Herald is in receipt of a miniature directory sent to us by some one in Columbus, Texas. We can’t just say who was the donor and the only thing we know is that it came in an envelope with the Colorado Citizen return on it, which shows I.G. STAFFORD, publisher. The directory was gotten up by WILLIAMS & CO. and printed by the old Yoakum Graphic with W.A. MAIR, editor and proprietor and was issued in 1893.

We reproducing the business portion of the directory to show the people of Yoakum and surrounding country what vast changes have taken place in a little more than a decade. On the inside cover page appears an ad for the Yoakum opera house with B.P. STEPHENSON proprietor and manager. Mr. STEPHENSON was a cotton buyer and dealer in general merchandise. The next page gave a brief description of Yoakum with a small population though only six years old, and her location with the flattering prospects of her fast becoming a city.

J.D. MONTGOMERY, attorney-at-law and Joe LEVY, justice of the peace. These gentlemen were also in the real estate and insurance business.

“Large trees from little acorns grow” are the headlines in the ad of FINK & RADER, lumber dealers. Grand Avenue Pharmacy, J.M. CLARK proprietor and he was also in the stationary business. Mrs. K. MCCOWAN millinery and dressmaking. Palace Barber Shop, D.F. STREETER, proprietor.

City Directory: Mayor, J.D. MONGOMERY; attorney, J.M. GREEN; secretary, M.G. RANNEY; treasurer, A.W. TURNER; assessor and collector, J.G. DYAS, C.F. SCHAEFFER, H. TRIBBLE, H.J. PRAUSE, Joe LEVY and J.S. SCHRIMSCHER

Lavaca County Officers: County Judge, P.H. GREEN; county attorney, J.P. ELLIS; county clerk, John BUCHANAN; Sheriff, John F. HOUCHINS; treasurer, A.B. DEVALL; assessor, R.D. ZUMWALT, collector, B.F. CULPEPPER; surveyor, H.H. RUSSELL. Commissioners: No 1, 5, and 8, H.M. MEYER; No 2 and 6, A. GLECKLER; NO 3 and 7 , J.D. A. MEYER; No 4, J.M. WALDROP.

A.W. FREYER in the mercantile business. J.H. PHILLIPS dealer in staple and fancy groceries. White House Saloon, HACKETT & BARR proprietors.

DeWitt County Officers: Judge Ed KOENIG; attorney, S.C. LACKEY; clerk, J.P. BAKER; collector, W.H. GRAHAM; treasurer, H.E. DAHLMAN; assessor, Wm. GRAFTON; surveyor, G.H. SCHLEICHER; sheriff, Thos. M. STELL; Commissioners: Precinct No 1, J.P. WRIGHT; No 2, W.J. SIMPSON; No 3, B.R. BURROW; No 4 , John JUNKER.

The postmaster for Yoakum was E. MULLEN; H.C BRANDT & SON , dealer in gents furnishings; WEATHERLY BROS., grocery dealers.

The following are the pastors of the different churches: Baptist, Rev. M.C. WILLIAMS: Presbyterian, Rev. T.A. LEACH; Episcopal, Rev. HUDWON; Methodist, Rev. J.P. RODGERS, Sabbath School, T.M. DODD, Supt.

Yoakum Improvement Co., J.G. BLANKS, proprietor and also dealer in real estate; FISHER & ARLITT, merchant tailors; J. MCFARLAND, dealer in stationary and holiday goods; BISMARK SALOON, A. STOERMER, proprietor; Wm. LEHMS, first class meat market; Henry W. NAGEL, hardware dealer; L. LEVYTANSKY, dealer in jewelry and optical goods; HORSE SHOE SALOON, WHITTINGTON & HOUCHINS, proprietors; the oldest paper published in Yoakum, the Yoakum Graphic, W.A. MAIR, proprietor; M.E. GEBERT, dealer in general merchandise; LONE STAR SALOON, C.M. KEEPERS & CO., proprietors; Yoakum Weekly Times, the official organ of the city, W.L. JOHNSTON, proprietor; Grand Avenue Drug Store, R.J. FIELDER, proprietor; Red Light Saloon, T.G. GRADY, proprietor; Bank Saloon, John GLAZIER, proprietor; Private Boarding House, Mrs. TERRY & JETTON, proprietor.

In the headlines of the lumber company of A. GILMER he gave the citizens of Yoakum good advice by saying build your home in Yoakum.

The High School faculty was as follows: G.D. SCOTT, superintendent; J. CHERRY, first assistant; Miss Pearl DARBY, fifth grade; Miss Venice MCDADE, fourth grade; Miss Bertie SEARCY, third grade; Miss Leigh TOLLESON, second grade; Miss Clemmie BOOONE, first grade; Mrs. P.B. THOMASON, West End School; J.D. MONTGOMERY, chairman of school board and Joe LEVY, secretary.




ROSS & SHALL has closed a contract with H.I. LOWERY of Skidmore, to build two nice houses in this city to be situated in north Yoakum, near the passenger depot. These houses will be nicely finished and when completed will cost upwards of $3500. The building boom continues to hum in Yoakum, the people are beginning to learn that property in our city is a paying proposition and are investing their cash in substantial homes. Let the growth continue and e’er long we will have a city of 10,000 population.

The Hermann Sons elected the following officers: Ernest HAGEN, President; G. BOENIG, Vice- President; Louis PLOEGER, Secretary; W.F. AFFLERBACH, Treasurer; Hampus ROOS, Trustee for two years; Gus RUNN, Trustee for two years; R.A. WAGNER, Delegate to the Grand Lodge for two years.

Yesterday afternoon Adolph WENDEL was driving a pair of high spirited mules and they became frightened and ran away, throwing Mr. WENDEL out and bruising him up considerably.

Eggs are now selling to the produce merchant for 25 cents a dozen.

The Modern Woodmen of America elected the following officers: Consul- F.M. WOOD; Advisor- G.D. PERKINS; Banker- F.W. ARLITT; Clerk- Morris WOOLSEY; Escort – H. ALLEN; Watchman- Theodore HOLSTER; Sentry- Lee RUSH; and Physician- Dr. J. PERKINS




Those who are patrons of the Gus THIELE meat market who failed to get their meat this morning should look over his short comings as Mr. and Mrs. THIELE are the proud happy parents of a fine girl baby.