Veterans of DeWitt Co, Tx 1832-1848

VETERANS of DEWITT CO., TX 1832-1848

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Clinton April 1875

DeWitt County Association Met Pursuant to adjournmet

Officers Present
Robert Kleberg     Chairman
W A Blair     Secretary

George Lord
G W Brooks
M G Jacobs
John Lemons

The minutes of the former meeting being red were on motion adopted

The following Resolution was read and motion adopted - viz

Resolved that the Secretary make up a correct list of all of the deceased Veterans of DeWitt County - and when so completed that he forward a copy of the Same to the Recording Secretary of the Texas Veteran Association. that the same may be published in the procedings of the Veteran Association which meets in the City of Houston in May 1875 -

Whereupon the Secretary furnished the following list of Deceased Veterans of DeWitt County viz -

Captain John J Tumlinson in Battle of San Jacinto   Died in 1852 -

Albert von Roeder in Battle of San Jacinto   died in 1853 -

Richard H Chisholm in Battle of Gonzalles in 1835   Died in (1853) 1855)

Capt D B Friar in Battle of San Jacinto   Died in 1857 -

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Capt John York in Battle of San Jacinto   Killed in Battle of Escondedo in 1848 -

James Bell in Battle of San Jacinto   Killed in Battle of Escondedo in 1848 -

Capt Joseph Tumlinson in the Army in 1835   Died in 1874 -

Dr Robt Peebles rendered important Service during the Revolution   Died in 1874 -

The following Statements was made by the Veterans Present as to there Birth Nativity Arrival in Texas and Services rendered -

Robert Kleberg arrived in Texas December 1834 - Served in the Regular Army of Texas from March 1836 - untill August 1836 - under Genl Sam Houston participated in Battle of San Jacinto [--paper damaged--] Bounty Lands - 320 & 640 - and a Pension - Served in October 1848 under Capt John York in Battle of San Escondedo against the Indians -

G W Brooks - arrived in May 1831 - in Matagorda   Served in Battle of Velasco in 1832 -

John Lemons Entered the Service of the Republican Army in 1836 - under Genl Feliz Houston - Served in 1839 - under Capt Pierce on the Frontier 6 months   Served in the Santa Fe Expedition un. Genl McLeoud Commanding

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K Bigham White Immigrated to Texas in 1827 - Served in the Army of Texas under Genl Sam Houston in March 1836 - At Gonzalles - under Capt W E Heard - in the Battle of San Jacinto - drew a Pension - Served against the Indians under Genl Somerville & Sherman - 1839 - J L Bennett Captain - Served under Capt P H Bell in 1845 -

Samuel Andrews - Born in South Carolina Sumpter -C[?] - October 8th 1793 - Arrived in Texas - Sept 13th 1834 - Served against Indians under Capt Wm Hill in 1836 - for six months   Received Bounty Land Warrant for 320 acres - Served in Woll Campaign under Capt D B Friar at the Battle of Salado in Sept 1842 -

M G Jacobs Arrived in Texas August 1836 - Served six months under Genl F. Houston Commanding   Served under Capt Jack Hays against Indians 1843 & 1844 - Served in the Woll Campaign - in 1842 - Major Caldwell commanding -

W A Blair Native of Mo - Emmigrated in Feby 1838 - Aged 53   Served in Capt John Birds Company Frontier Regiment in 1839 - Also in the Vasquez & Woll Campaigns in the the Spring & Fall of 1842 -

W J Lewis Born on the 6th day of May 1819 in the State of Ohio   Emmigrated on the 23d day of December 1839   Served in Capt J H Cox's Company of Border Guards in June 1840 -

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1st George Lords Services -
For the Republic of Texas

I volunteered about the 1st of Janry 1837 in New Orleans in a company under Captain Lyons - arrived in Galveston Feby 14, 1837 - Was mustered into Service about the last of Feby 1837 - At Camp on the Lavacca River in Captain John Hollidays Company 2nd Regiment of Volunteers - In June when the Army was furloughed my Company was turned over to Captain Jordans Company which was sent in the Fall of 1837 to San antonia and was discharged in June 1838 - Reference Muster Roll - Pay Roll Bounty Land 1280 Acres - No 4417 -

2nd 1838 - I was on the Cibolo at the Ranch of Col Patton when 52 Commanches Indians Came and had a talk - A few days after they killed one of our men   Talbert by name   After Col Burleson' fight with Cordova on the Gaudeloupe I joined Cap Dobson's Company in San Antonia to intercept them that made their escape - we capter 2 or[2]

1839   A Surveying party led by Col Franks with 12 Eners. East of Santonia was attacked by Mexicans & Indians Commanded by Manuel Flores - They Captered and a[fter]wards[2] killed E Bollinger & three mexic[ans][2]
  Reference. Miles S. Bennett -

1839   In June I arived and expeditions [ag]ainst[2] the Commanchee Indians under Col Karnes Commanding 100 me[n ---][2] San Antonia   Reference Miles S. Bennett[2]

1839   I joined the Federal forces under G[eneral?][2] Antonio Canales on the River Neuces - [---][2] was in two campaigns under Canales

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In the first company under Col Ross I was at the takeing of Guerrero and at the Battle of Allantro 1840 - was at Matamores and at Monterey under Col Jordan - during the 2nd Campaign I was at the takeing of Laredo and at the Battle of Saltillo

June/42   At Corpus christi I joined Captain Edwin Cameron's Company   was in his Company at the Battle of Lipantitlan on the Nueces.. and at the Battle of Salado near San Antonia Sept 1842 - was in his company at the Battle of Mier   was present at the defeat of Guard at Salado and at the Bean drawing   was a prisioner in Mexico untill September 16th 1844 - Reference - Pay Roll   Pension Roll -

3 1844   In Nov I joined a company at Corpus christi under H C Davis on the 1st of Feby 1845. Capt Bell took charge of the company which was discharged on the 1st of August following
    Reference Pay Roll -

Resolved that the Secretary furnish the Editor of the Cuero Starr with a copy of the Proceedings of this meeting with a request that he Publish the same -

On motion duly carried the meeting adjourned to meet in the town of Cuero on the Third Saturday in June 1875

Wm A. Blair[1]

Transcription Notes:
[ ] Notes added to transcription.
[?] Original difficult to read.
[1] Justice of the Peace and District Clerk, DeWitt Co. Information on Wm. A. Blair's public service records furnished by Truman Oliver Hickerson, Jr., G.-G.-Grandson of Wm. A. Blair.
[2] Corner of this page missing.

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