News Of The Day

In the Morris School area, they got a third line and eight telephone wires. So nearly every farmer will soon have an electric bell at his home to keep in touch with Yoakum.

The Yoakum census for 1890 - 1,745; 1900 -3,499; 1910 - 4,657.

Rev. J.T. Hollan sold his elegant farm home three miles west of town. The purchaser is J. Vackar of Shiner and the price paid is a cool $100 per acre.

A deal has been made by which Fred Mason disposes of his elegant two story home on Coke Street, the purchaser being Mr. J.N. Kinkade of Houston. The Mason home has been built just a little longer than a year and is modern in every appointment and is considered one of the most desirable homes in the city. The consideration is private.



Chas. J. Miller of Philadelphia and Miss Sarah Kalvorisky were married Sunday evening at the home of the bride's mother, Mrs. N. Kalvorisky on West Nelson Street.


Ed Clifton, Jr. and Viola Wilkens were united in marriage.



A fine new girl arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Roy McDonald Sunday evening. The young lady weighs a cool ten pounds.




Edward Lavelle Waggoner, 22 months old, died this morning.

J.M. Byers, 87, died March 6. He was born in Mississippi, served in the Civil War and was a Texas Ranger. He lived in South Texas for 40 years. Mr. Byars had been married twice. One son, of the first union survives, Mr. J.Byars, who now lives at Waxahacie. Among his children, Mrs. T.Y. Plume died in Yoakum 18 years ago. His second marriage was to Mrs. Petit, mother of Mr. Frank Petit, at whose house Mr. Byars has made his home a number of years. He was buried in Hochheim.

Mr. and Mrs. Gus Seim lost their 4 month old son Saturday night.

Mrs. Quilta Yawn died Thursday. She was buried in Hochheim. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Granberry and was reared in DeWitt County.

Bro. Stephen Kite, 70, An aged and respected citizen of Ezzell died at his home Tuesday evening. He had been a member of the Baptist Church since the war. He leaves a wife, son, James Kite of Yoakum and daughters, Mrs. S. Martin and Mrs. Wm. Reed of Ezzell.


For Sale: A very desirable residence within 200 feet of High School building. $1,850. S.S. Stahl

Wanted: The people of Yoakum to know we have moved to the Kessler building on Grand Avenue and are giving 10 percent off everything we handle. L.B. Moore & Sons.