Muster Roll of Captain J.J. Dix

Muster Roll of Captain J.J. Dix's Company, in the Texas Frontier Regiment of Mounted Volunteers, commanded by Colonel James M. Norris called into the service of the State of Texas by Governor Lubbock under the Act of he Legislature approved December 21st, 1861, from the 8th day of March 1862, when mustered, to the 30th day of July 1862, the date of the present Muster.
Rank County Enrolled John J. Dix Captain McMullen; John C. Terrell 1st Lieut. Dewitt; Hyman T. Edgar 2nd Lieut. Dewitt; Benjamin W. Dix 3rd Lieut. McMullen; Hugh J Stephenson 1st Sergt. Dewitt; James S. Crawford 2nd Sergt. Dewitt; David J. Cudd 3rd Sergt. Dewitt; Thomas P. McNeill 4th Sergt. Bexar; Thomas J. Thigpen 5th Sergt. Dewitt; Benedict May 1st Corp. Lavaca; Joseph A Stanley 2nd Corp. Travis; David L Peebles 3rd Corp. Dewitt; Henry G. Walter 4th Corp. Colorado; George W Lamkin Musician Caldwell; James Norman Musician Dewitt; Richard H. Adams Blacksmith Goliad; Thomas M Blakemore Farrier Fayette;

PRIVATES Adams, Aquilla Private Dewitt; Alexander, George M. Dewitt; Alexander, George L. Dewitt; Alexander, James F. Dewitt; Atkinson, Francis Cameron; Adams, William Goliad; Adams, Francis M. Goliad; Adams, George W. Goliad; Adams, Henderson S. Goliad;

Batchelor, Lemon B. Dewitt; Baker, James P. Lavaca; Barth, John J. Dewitt; Baker, William W. Dewitt; Batchelor, Francis M. Dewitt; Baker, Micheal J. Dewitt; Barnes, Richard D Dewitt; Bailey, Thomas E. Dewitt; Benbow, James R. Dewitt; Biddie, James M. Dewitt; Booth, William M. Dewitt; Burns, Columbus Dewitt; Brown, Albert G. Dewitt; Brown, Neel Dewitt; Blackwell, Jesse T. Caldwell; Blackwell, John Gonzales; Butler, William G. Caldwell; Burleson, Aaron Lampassas;

Crawford, William H. Dewitt; Carroll, George W. Dewitt; Cox, Andrew H. Travis; Cox, Henry Uvalde; Cox, Hugh Uvalde; Cunningham, Francis M. Dewitt; Clayton, Joseph M. Dewitt; Cavendish, Thomas S. Lavaca;

Douglas, Thadeus W. Jackson; Dunn, John Lavaca; Dowlearn, Joshua M. Dewitt; Davis, Joseph J. Travis; Daggett, William D. Johnson; Dunean, Robert M. Fayette; Dickson, Richard H. Dewitt;

Edgar, B.F.W. Dewitt; Evans, Dewitt C. Gonzales;

Ferrell, William Liveoak; Franks, Jabez Lavaca; Fudge, Leroy C. Dewitt;

Goode, Robert Lavaca;

Hardeman, William C. Caldwell; Howard, Jordan Dewitt; Howard, Thomas J. Dewitt; Hickey, James Dewitt; Holland, Harrison H. Dewitt; Harper, Ulysses Lavaca; Harden, Samuel W. Dewitt; Hancock, Jasper J. Uvalde;

Isbell, F. Uvalde;

Knox, Harrison C. Lavaca; Ketner, William Dewitt; Kellogg, John B. Gonzales; Keese, William A. Caldwell; Kaufman, Emil Dewitt;

Lewis, William Uvalde; Lamkin, Mortimer Caldwell;

Miller, Robert F. Dewitt; Murphy, William W. Dewitt; McNeill, Marvil E. Cameron; Moore, Felix Dewitt; Minter, Ebenezer M. Gonzales; McGuffin, Thomas Caldwell; May, John Dewitt; McIver, Alex W. Dewitt; McCord, James M. Lavaca; McGehee, John O. Dewitt; Murphree, William T. Dewitt; Murphy, Matthew Lavaca; Moore, Robert H. Dewitt; Minter, William Liveoak;

Neagle, Albert F. Dewitt; Neel, James Bexar;

Obar, John Gonzales; Owens, Robert J. Uvalde; Owens, Peter W. Uvalde; Obayant, Wilson Uvalde;

Ponder, Charles Dewitt; Powers, Andrew S. Dewitt; Priestly, William P. Dewitt;

Russett, Charles S. Dewitt; Roark, James H. Bexar; Riddle, Thomas E Goliad; Riddle, James L. Karnes; Riddle, John J. Tarrant; Riddle, William N. Karnes; Reed, Samuel Dewitt; Reeves, James Dewitt; Randall, James Gonzales;

Shaw, Travis Burleson; Seitz, George Dewitt; Stevens, Charles Dewitt; Schoonover, James W. Dewitt; Schoonover, Henry A. Dewitt; Schoonover, Peter Dewitt; Smith, James H. Gonzales; Smith, Strother Lavaca; Smith, James T. Lavaca; Smith, Harvey M.L. Goliad; Smith, John B. Lavaca;

Tippett, Milton Victoria; Tucker, Hillory Dewitt;

Volantine, James Lavaca;

Wright, H.C. Victoria; Wright, John N. Dewitt; Wall, David D. Uvalde; Walton, George Dewitt;
Reproduced From the Holdings of the Texas State Archives