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Deaf Smith
County, Texas

Deaths 1904-1958

DEATH RECORDS: a death record is public information on and after the 25th anniversary of the date of death as shown on the record filed with the state bureau or local registration official. (1988 as of 2013)
Surname, Given
Place of Death
Burial Place or Other
Abdullah Albert Shaheen TX 1986-Jun-30 Deaf Smith Co  
Anderson, Thomas Keith 20-Sep-1968 Hereford, TX Burnet, TX
Beckham, Floyd Fleming 22-Oct-1962 Fort Worth, TX Fort Worth, TX
Benett, William 26 Aug 1904    
Bowe, R. S

10 Dec 1907

Carlson, Lawrence Wayne 4-Oct-1944 Hereford, TX Hereford, TX
Collins, Richard 15 Sep 1911    
Cooper, Jesse Ray 6-Feb-1938    
Cruz, Maria Nellie 27-May-1961 Hereford, TX Hereford, TX
Cuellar, Pedro 3-Dec-1964 Hereford, TX Hereford, TX
Curtswegen, J. D 7-Nov-1908 Hereford, TX  
Daard, H. C. 28-Jan-1936    
De Los Santos, Maria Ignacia 17-May-1905    
Dickson, J. M. 11 Dec 1906    
Dugan, Lulu E. B. 14 Nov 1908    
Francisco, A. L. 27 Jul 1907 Illinois  
Haines, J. C 16 Dec 1908    
Heim 22 Nov 1906    
Johnson, Jno. A. 18 Aug 1908    
Lile, Ella D 2 Feb 1907    
Lindsey, Mathew Francis 02 Dec 1907    
Manning, Florence 03 Sep 1907    
M???Man, Leland M 21 Jun 1907    
Mathews 02 Jan 1908   bur. Vienna, Georgia
Mcmahon, Delford 04 Apr 1907    
Richards 28 Nov 1906    
Rickels, Milton Westley 21 Dec 1907    
Rodrequez, Teresia 27-May-1955    
Stamps 03 Jan 1908    
Thompson, U. J. 31 Dec 1906 Louisiana  
Sanchez, Samual 15-Dec-1958    

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