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Deaf Smith
County, Texas

Births - Surnames M-Y

Surname (if blank, parent(s) surname has been inserted.
Given Name
Birth Date
Place of Birth
Parent(s) Names
Nutter <blank> . 3-Feb-1919 . Jim Nutter
McBroom <blank> . 11-Mar-1920 . T M McBroom
Reed <blank> . 1-Jan-1919 . Flosie Reed
Rogers Leo Creath 7-Jun-1920 . .
Sanchez Samual 1958-Dec-15 TX Oragio Sanchez, Francisca Martinez
Sandrs <blank> 1903-Nov-17 . S J Sandrs
Sarton <blank> 1903-Feb-01 . J A Sarton
Sasser <blank> 1909-Jan-11 . J Belle Sasser
Sawyer <blank> 1910-Jul-23 . Annie Laura Sawyer
Sawyers <blank> 1903-Jun-24 . L Sawyers
Schafer <blank> 1903-Apr-12 . A F Schafer
Schamlee <blank> 1903-Oct-04 . Jim Schamlee
Scholenine <blank> 1903-Aug-24 . Glynn Scholenine
Scott <blank> 1907-Sep-08 . Jas Scott
Scott <blank> 1908-Jul-06 . J W Scott
Sells <blank> 1908-Jul-20 . John Sells
Sharp  <surname blank> . 1918-Aug-31 . F H Sharp
Shepherd <blank> 1903-Nov-17 . Percy Shepherd
Simmons Bonnie Fern  1935-Feb-16 . R E Simmons,​ Mary Winn
Simpson John Robert 1937-May-13 . M L Simpson,​ Virginia Hunter
Simpson John Robert  1937-May-13 . Lester Wilson Sims,​ Lola Mae Cox
Simpson Louise Ann 1932-Jan-08 . M L Simpson,​ Virginia Naomi Hunter
Simpson Louise Ann  1932-Jan-08 . M W Stephan,​ Robbie Clark
Sims <blank> 1907-Feb-05 . A P Sims
Sims <blank> 1910-May-22 . Mary Sims
Sims Andrew David  1936-Apr-01 . .
Sims Andrew David Sims 1936-Apr-01 . Lester Wilson Sims,​ Lola Mae Cox
Sims Lester L  1936-Oct-29 . M L Simpson,​ Virginia Naomi Hunter
Sims Lester L  1936-Oct-29 . Lester Wilson Sims,​ Lola Mae Cox
Sisk Bobby Jane  1935-Nov-20 . Robert W Sisk,​ Martha Lorane Hays
Sisk Mary Louise 1919-Oct-18 .
Sisk Peggie Gene 1927-Jul-13 . Bart Sisk,​ Carrie May Thompson
Skeen <blank> 1903-Apr-05 . A L Skeen
Skidmore <blank> 1914-Feb-10 . William Merle Skidmore
Slaughter  <surname blank> . 1924-Apr-19 . Robert Charles Slaughter
Smalley <blank> 1903-Aug-27 . Jack Smalley
Smiley <blank> 1908-Feb-26 . Samuel Ewing Smiley
Smith <blank> 1907-Jun-24 . C R Smith
Smith <blank> 1910-Jan-18 . Lee Smith
Smith <blank> 1910-Oct-14 . J M Smith
Smith <blank> 1914-Mar-19 . O L Smith
Smith  <surname blank> . 1917-Jun-30 . W J Smith
Stagner <blank> 1910-Jul-07 . Joe Stagner
Stamps <blank> 1903-Oct-28 . J B Stamps
Stanford <blank> 1903-Aug-12 . George Stanford
Stanley <blank> 1903-Jun-07 . A E Stanley
Stanley <blank> 1903-Nov-05 . A E Stanley
Stephan Margaret Rose 1931-Sep-13 . .
Stephan Margaret Rose 1931-Sep-13 . M W Stephan,​ Robbie Clark
Stockstill <blank> 1903-Jul-16 . Thomas Stockstill
Strickland <blank> 1932-Jul-30 . Paul Strickland,​ Grace Bradley
Sturnburg <blank> 1903-May-20 . J C Sturnburg
Suggs <blank> 1908-Nov-05 . George Mortimer Suggs
Summerall <blank> 1907-Dec-19 . J C Sumerall
Taggart <blank> 1908-Aug-11 . Joseph Francis Taggart
Tallett <blank> 1907-Apr-02 . J E Tallett
Taylor <blank> 1903-Dec-27 . Frank Taylor
Taylor <blank> 1910-May-01 . A C Taylor
Thomas <blank> 1903-Oct-31 . O E Thomas
Thomas <blank> 1905-Mar-17 . Andy Thomas
Thomas <blank> 1908-Sep-30 . O E Thomas
Thompson <blank> 1903-Sep-21 . Alex Thompson
Thuson <blank> 1903-Aug-23 . Abes Thuson
Tice <blank> 1909-Sep-20 . Lloyd Emery Tice
Townsend <blank> 1909-Apr-19 . S H Townsend
Travis <blank> 1907-Dec-27 . J H Travis
Tubb <blank> 1919-Jun-22 . Richard Lee Tubb
Tubb Richard Lee 1919-Jun-22 . .
Tucker <blank> 1903-Dec-12 . H G Tucker
Tuell  <surname blank> . 1916-Jan-13 . R C Tuell
Turnbow Ulma Irine 1916-Mar-03 . .
Vaughn <blank> 1903-Jan-24 . R E Vaughn
Vaughn <blank> 1910-Jul-06 . A W Vaughn
Vaughn <blank> 1915-Aug-12 . W A Vaughn
Vaughn <blank> 1915-Aug-28 . Verdie Norine Vaughn
Vaughn Cordelia 1917-Aug-11 . .
Vaughn Jack Weldon 1934-Oct-30 . James Daniel Vaughn,​ Nada Cordelia Doss
Vaughn James Daniel 1920-May-23 . .
Vaughn Jimy Louise 1936-Jan-21 . C E Vaughn,​ Abbie Hodges
Vaughn Jimy Louise Vaughn 1936-Jan-21 . James Madison White,​ Vada Wynne Murphy
Vaughn Tommy Nelson 
. Leslie Junior Vaughn,​ Alma Nelson
Vaughn Wanda Maxine 1920-Jan-04 . .
Vaughn  <surname blank> <blank> 1916-Feb-23 . Tom Vaughn
Veach <blank> 1907-Sep-11 . T M Veach
Villegas Eva Yanez 1966-Feb-06 Sonora, TX Yanez, Victoria
Vonnegelun <blank> 1909-Dec-14 . William Vonnegelun
Waggner <blank> 1903-Jul-14 . Unknown Waggner
Wallace, ??? <blank> 1903-Oct-27 Ford, Deaf Smith Co, TX W. P,. Wallace, M. O. Wallace
Wamble <blank> 1903-May-10 . G H Wamble
Wamble <blank> 1909-Feb-14 . G H Wamble
Wamble <blank> 1909-Mar-11 . Troy Wamble
Warden <blank> 1910-Oct-04 . S W Warden
Warner <blank> 1907-Sep-15 . John Patterson Warner
Weaver <blank> 1909-Jul-12 . Henry Weaver
Webb <blank> 1908-Sep-16 . J L Webb
Webb <blank> 1910-Apr-25 . J Thos Webb
West <blank> 1903-May-06 . M C West
West <blank> 1903-Aug-03 . Unknown West
West <blank> 1909-Dec-28 . W J West
Wevar <blank> 1910-Apr-25 . Lester Wevar
Wheeler <blank> 1903-Sep-07 . Clarence Wheeler
Wheeler <blank> 1903-Nov-13 . C E Wheeler
White <blank> 1903-Jul-17 . Jim White
White Joe Dale
White Joe Dale White 1931-Dec-11 . James Madison White,​ Vada Wynne Murphy
White Joe Dale White 1931-Dec-11 . M L Simpson,​ Virginia Hunter
White Melton Earl 1936-Oct-05 . Frank M Ashlock,​ Nola Mae Weems
White Melton Earl White 1936-Oct-05 . H G White,​ Mary Etta Smith
Whitehead Charles Homer 1932-Nov-14 . M F Ashlock,​ Nola Mae Weems
Whitehead Charles Homer Whitehead 1932-Nov-14 . R L Whitehead,​ Imogene Higgins
Whitehead Minnie Madeline 1919-Jan-06 . .
Wilkerson Elsie Lillie 1882-Jun-10 Ford, Deaf Smith, TX J.H. Croft, Polly Ann Banty
Wilkinson <blank> 1909-Feb-21 . Wanda Marie Wilkinson
Williams <blank> 1907-Jul-24 . J H Williams
Williams <blank> 1908-Oct-09 . J H Williams
Williams <blank> 1910-Jun-20 . Edna Lee Williams
Wilson <blank> 1907-Sep-15 . R L Wilson
Witherspoon <blank> 1907-May-13 . A Witherspoon
Witherspoon <blank> 1907-Sep-03 . Beryl William Witherspoon
Witherspoon <blank> 1909-Jan-05 . Frank Gordon Witherspoon
Witherspoon <blank> 1910-Mar-15 . Hugh Witherspoon
Witherspoon <blank> 1910-Apr-04 . C Witherspoon
Witherspoon <blank> 1911-Jun-08 . Hugh Witherspoon
Womble <blank> 1903-Nov-25 . Troy Womble
Wood <blank> 1912-Oct-26 . Albert Wood
Woodard <blank> 1910-Apr-01 . J N Woodard
Worley <blank> 1909-Dec-19 . L F Worley
Yarbrough <blank> 1909-Jan-04 . Mary Lois Yarbrough
Young <blank> 1903-May-27 . Finnie Vernon Young
Young <blank> 1911-Jun-19 . L D Young

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