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Deaf Smith
County, Texas

Births - Surnames D-L

Surname (if blank, parent(s) surname has been inserted.
Given Name Birth Date
Place of Birth Parent(s) Names
Daard, H. C. H. C. 1936-Jan-28 . Dickerson
Davis <blank> 1907-Jul-18 . G E Davis
Davis <blank> 1909-May-01 . W B Davis
Day <blank> 1905-Mar-17 . L D Day
Day <blank> 1907-Feb-04 . L D Day
De La Paz Antonia 1963-Mar-14 TX Maldondo, Hemeregilda
De Los Santos Maria Ignacia 1905-May-17 Mexico .
Decker <blank> 1909-Feb-19 . Ethel Lorene Decker
Decker <blank> 1913-Mar-27 . John Decker
Dellard <blank> 1909-Apr-14 . J N Dellard
Denstett <blank> 1908-Dec-18 . H G Denstett
Dewey  <surname blank> <blank> 1920-Aug-02 . W T Bill Dewey
Dickson <blank> 1903-Feb-24 . J M Jr. Dickson
Ditmore <blank> 1903-Jan-05 . S A Ditmore
Dollar <blank> 1908-Feb-06 . J F Dollar
Donald <blank> 1905-Mar-17 . Chas Donald
Duncan <blank> 1908-Sep-22 . Martha Lee Duncan
Dyer <blank> 1910-Apr-24 . R E Dyer
Eastwood <blank> 1907-Sep-21 . J W Eastwood
Eckert <blank> 1910-Jun-28 . Phillip Eckert
Elliston <blank> 1908-Aug-27 . A H Elliston
Estes <blank> 1908-Sep-25 . D R Estes
Estis <blank> 1903-Mar-10 . John Cloud Estis
Fallwell  <surname blank> <blank> 1919-Apr-19 . Clarrage H Fallwell
Feemster <blank> 1910-May-01 . S B Feemster
Ferrill <blank> 1903-Feb-26 . T F Ferrill
Foster <blank> 1937-Aug-01 Deaf Smith Co,​ TX R D Foster,​ Burnice Weaver
Foster <blank> 1907-Aug-16 . Melvin Foster
Francisco <blank> 1908-Jul-29 . Elmer Francisco
Frye  <surname blank> <blank> 1919-Sep-30 . Adolph Frye
Fulkerson <blank> 1903-Jul-30 . B F Fulkerson
Garrett <blank> 1908-Aug-16 . J D Garrett
Garrison <blank> 1908-Dec-24 . Christopher S Garrison
Garvin <blank> 1903-Oct-14 . Jack Garvin
Giles <blank> 1910-Jun-10 . J E Giles
Gillean <blank> 1910-Jun-13 . James I Gillean
Gilleland <blank> 1903-Aug-03 . Carrel Gilleland
Gilleland <blank> 1903-Aug-31 . J M Gilleland
Gilliam  <surname blank> <blank> 1919-Sep-27 . J R Gilliam
Goats <blank> 1906-Dec-24 . H J Goats
Goodloe <blank> 1915-Apr-03 . R L Goodloe
Grimes <blank> 1915-Apr-08 . D R Grimes
Guinn <blank> 1909-Apr-13 . Frances Guinn
Haggins <blank> 1908-May-23 . Bob Haggins
Hall <blank> 1914-May-31 . Dumas Hall
Hamil <blank> 1903-Oct-28 . E A Hamil
Hardesty <blank> 1903-Oct-25 . R M Hardesty
Hardin Joseph Harold 1919-Jul-22 . .
Hargett Billie Jean Hargett 1932-Nov-20 Deaf Smith,​ TX A F Hargett,​ Ava Vernon
Hargett Glenda Dale  1933-Oct-01 Deaf Smith,​ TX A F Hargett,​ Ava Vernon
Harison <blank> 1908-Aug-28 . E W Harison
Harlin John B., Jr. 1917-Aug-24 . .
Harman Virginia Muriel 1920-Sep-28 . .
Harris <blank> 1907-May-24 . Albert Leon Harris
Harris <blank> 1910-Sep-22 . Dorothy Bess Harris
Harris  <surname blank> <blank> 1918-Mar-20 . W A Harris
Harting <blank> 1908-Apr-06 . C F Harting
Hay <blank> 1910-Mar-17 . Ob Hay
Hermis  <surname blank> <blank> 1917-Feb-01 . J E Hermis
Hicks <blank> 1908-Oct-28 . W E Hicks
Higgins  <surname blank> <blank> 1920-Feb-13 . Dan A Higgins
Hill <blank> 1903-Sep-21 . C N Jr. Hill
Hines <blank> 1906-Nov-04 . W H Hines
Hines <blank> 1909-Feb-10 . W M Hines
Hodges <blank> 1908-Jul-14 . Jim Hodges
Hodges <blank> 1909-Jan-30 . William Burrel Hodges
Hodges <blank> 1909-Feb-13 . Charles Hodges
Hodges <blank> 1910-Apr-17 . Jim Hodges
Hodges <blank> 1910-Sep-02 . Benj Park Hodges
Hooker <blank> 1903-Nov-27 . Lida Hooker
Houck <blank> 1903-Apr-07 . Harrey Houck
Hubard <blank> 1903-May-16 . H O Hubard
Hudison <blank> 1908-Sep-18 . Ed Hudison
Hughes <blank> 1903-Sep-13 . A J Hughes
Hughes <blank> 1908-Oct-17 . James A Hughes
Hunter <blank> 1907-Sep-09 . Unknown Hunter
Hurford Edith Olene  1933-Oct-25 Deaf Smith,​ Texas Johnnie David Hurford,​ Elsie Lue Steadman
Ireland <blank> 1924-Aug-17 . Rachel Ireland
Ireland <blank> 1924-Aug-17 . Richard Ireland
Ivey <blank> 1903-Jul-22 . James Ivey
Legerra <blank> . 26-Feb-1916 . Fidel Legerra

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Date: 19 May 2012 --- births: D-L
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Note: Unless otherwise stated, the residence and place of vital listed is Hereford, Deaf Smith Co., Texas. Note #2, the contributor, contribution date and source must be kept intact as part of the copyright information.


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