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Deaf Smith
County, Texas

Births - Surnames A-C

Surname (if blank, parent(s) surname has been inserted. Given Name Birth Date
Place of Birth Parent(s) Names
Abdullah Albert Shaheen 1935-Nov-12 Deaf Smith Co, TX Shaheen Abdullah,​ Pauline Jahay
Abott Samuel Franklin 1925-May-09 . Samuel Franklin Abott
Allen <blank> 1908-Feb-02 . C G Allen
Anthony <blank> 1908-May-20 . Will Anthony
Ard Marietta 1936-Sep-14 Deaf Smith,​ Texas George C Ard,​ Velma Thomas
Arnold <blank> 1915-Oct-08 . W B Jr. Arnold
Arnold Frances Katherine 1918-Mar-15 . .
Ash <blank> 1909-Oct-09 . R U Ash
Ashlock Deloris Ann  1936-Jul-14 Deaf Smith Co, TX Frank M Ashlock,​ Nola Mae Weems
Ashlock Patsy Marie 1933-Apr-07 Deaf Smith Co, TX M F Ashlock,​ Nola Mae Weems
Ashlock Patsy Marie  1933-Apr-07 . A A Atchley,​ Hazel Myrl Oglesby
Atchley <blank> 1920-Sep-20 Deaf Smith Co, TX Ruth Oneta Atchley
Atchley Asa Ralph  1937-Jun-13 Deaf Smith Co, TX A A Atchley,​ Hazel Myrl Oglesby
Atchley Ruth Oneta 1920-Sep-20 . .
Ates <blank> 1911-Jun-16 . Casie Ates
Auther <blank> 1910-May-15 . Will Auther
Avancalista Guadalupe 1919-Feb-17 . .
Axe <blank> 1907-Dec-11 . F J Axe
Axe <blank> 1910-Aug-02 . F J Axe
Barnhill <blank> 1903-Feb-20 . D W Barnhill
Barnhill <blank> 1907-Nov-21 . E G Barnhill
Barnhill <blank> 1910-Jul-28 . Garrett Barnhill
Batsford  <surname blank> <blank> 1918-Nov-29 . Ray W Batsford
Beach <blank> 1909-Nov-09 . James Harmon Jr. Beach
Been <blank> 1908-Sep-10 . Unknown Been
Bell <blank> 1908-Dec-05 . A H Bell
Bell <blank> 1908-Dec-05 . A H Bell
Benett, William William 1904-Aug-26 . .
Bennett <blank> 1912-Jan-04 . Homer Bennett
Benson <blank> 1903-Dec-20 . J M Benson
Berry <blank> 1909-May-06 . N N Berry
Blasingame Letha Lurlyne 1903-Jul-30 Ford, Deaf Smith, TX Frank Blasingame, Beulah Blasingame
Bochman <blank> 1903-Feb-19 . N E Bochman
Bockstabler <blank> 1909-Oct-01 . C E Bockstabler
Bond <blank> 1903-Sep-28 . J H Bond
Bowe R. S. 1907-Dec-10 . .
Bowers <blank> 1908-Aug-31 . John Wayne Bowers
Bowman <blank> 1910-Aug-04 . C C Bowman
Branch <blank> 1903-Oct-07 . J M Branch
Brown <blank> 1905-Mar-17 . Helen Brown
Brubaker <blank> 1909-Jun-15 . D H Brubaker
Brubaker <blank> 1910-Feb-07 . E E Brubaker
Bruner <blank> 1903-Nov-01 . A B Bruner
Buckles <blank> 1903-Feb-16 . R E Buckles
Buckner <blank> 1910-Jul-09 . J A Buckner
Burch <blank> 1903-Apr-22 . John P Burch
Burell <blank> 1907-Jul-31 . Charley Burell
Burke  <surname blank> <blank> 1918-Oct-13 . Frank Burke
Burket <blank> 1903-May-25 . J D Burket
Burks <blank> 1909-Jan-03 . Wm Burks
Burks <blank> 1910-Apr-04 . J W Burks
Burnett <blank> 1910-May-02 . W L Burnett
Burnom <blank> 1909-Dec-23 . Bill Burnom
Burns <blank> 1909-Jul-12 . Geo Burns
Butler <blank> 1909-Dec-23 . N A Butler
Cain  <surname blank> <blank> 1919-Jun-17 . Frank Cain
Caldwell <blank> 1908-Jan-04 . Harvey Caldwell
Callup <blank> 1909-Apr-20 . J F Callup
Calwell <blank> 1908-Nov-04 . Jerrey Calwell
Carroll <blank> 1910-Mar-16 . Russel Carroll
Carter <blank> 1910-Jan-02 . E R Carter
Castleberry <blank> 1903-Oct-23 Ford, Deaf Smith, TX John M. Castleberry
Castleberry <blank> 1910-Jul-12 . J M Castleberry
Chrimpshira <blank> 1908-Jul-21 . C Chrimpshira
Christin <blank> 1903-Oct-09 . O J Christin
Clark <blank> 1908-Sep-27 . Lee Clark
Clayd <blank> 1903-Mar-26 . G W Clayd
Cloyd <blank> 1903-Jun-14 . Henry S Cloyd
Cloyd <blank> 1903-Sep-07 . Henry Cloyd
Cocanougher <blank> 1907-Feb-10 . Wm Cocanougher
Cokenham <blank> 1909-Jul-27 . Wm Cokenham
Collins Richard 1911-Sep-15 . .
Combs <blank> 1903-Dec-13 . G B Combs
Cook <blank> 1910-Apr-15 . J R Cook
Copeland <blank> 1903-Mar-13 . Herbert Copeland
Copeland <blank> 1907-Jun-30 . J H Copeland
Cox Henry Tyer 1889 10 Jul . Joseph Calvin Cox, Lamorah Tyler
Cramburg <blank> 1903-Sep-23 . Marry Lee Cramburg
Crowell <blank> 1910-Jan-26 . Jasper Crowell
Cunningham <blank> 1908-Jan-11 . Jno Cunningham
Curtsinger <blank> 1908-Jul-09 . Ed Curtsinger
Curtsinger  <surname blank> <blank> 1916-Oct-04 . Ed Curtsinger
Curtswegen J. D. 1908-Nov-07 . .

Contributor: bjcb
Jo Branch <bjcb.xx AT>

Date: 19 May 2012 --- births: A-C

Note: Unless otherwise stated, the residence and place of vital listed is Hereford, Deaf Smith Co., Texas. Note #2, the contributor, contribution date and source must be kept intact as part of the copyright information.


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