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If you have historic photographs of your Deaf Smith Co. ancestors or places of interest in Deaf Smith County, please send it to us and share with others. Thank you.

Tallie Bell...about 1920 or before
Submitted by:

Lois Taylor

I found this old picture among the old Bell Family pictures. It is unmarked, but if my early memory is correct, it is a picture of Dr. LeGrand. He was a doctor in Hereford in the 1920's on until his death. You might be able to check it out for sure, as he was so beloved. He had family living in Hereford at the -- Lois

If anyone has information about this picture or Dr. LeGrand we would appreciate hearing from you. -- Sandy
Submitted by:

Lois Taylor


Easterwood ancestors who lived in Hereford for a brief period.

The picture was taken about 1905. Taken in Herford Texas This is the best guess as to the identity of the people. Left to Right Roena Reed Brandon, Borden Brandon, Little girl is unknown, Mary (Mollie) Brandon Easterwood, Birdie Easterwood (little girl) who married Enoch Stephens. These were my grandparents Ocie Easterwood (next to Birdie) The young man in back with hat I'm not sure. I think it is John Forrest Easterwood, brother to Joseph Wheeler Easterwood, Dick Easterwood (young boy in front on far right), Joseph Wheeler Easterwood (adult in back on far right), John Easterwood married a cousin Emma Easterwood who died in 1904. I don't know if he had any children or not but there's the possibility that the unidentified little girl might be his daughter

Submitted by:

Shannon Birdwell

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