Two Weddings - Saturday

It had been so long since a marriage in or near Crosbyton had occurred that the Review had about decided the young folks had all agreed not to enter into any more matrimonial alliances. But this long silence was broken last Saturday afternoon when Mr. C.A. Vaughn and Miss Ida Williamson from the vicinity of Ralls appeared at the court house and after procuring the necessary papers from Clerk Edgar Allen they straightway went to the County Judge's office and were there pronounced man and wife by Judge Howard in his usual affable way. That night a short while after bedtime Mr. Allen was aroused by some one calling at the door of his home, and with the information that a couple was present desiring to get married, he went to the office, issued the license and then over the phone aroused Rev. I.A. Smith from his slumber, who came down and performed the ceremony uniting for life Mr. C.O. Crump and Miss Fay Keith of the Farmer community. The latter couple were accompanied by a brother and two sisters of the bride.

The Crosbyton Review, Friday, March 14, 1919