Many a young sprout doesn't know the origin nor history of the bell, standing in front of the Peioneer Building, which CHS students ring so vigorously after a Chieftain football victory.

The bell originally hung in the belfry tower of First Baptist hurch building constructed in 1913.

When new church building was constructed, Lige Ellison bought lumber from the old. The committee secretly requested he take the bell also. However, when he started to cart it off, a dissenting committee from the WMU met him.

Ellison told them to take enough of the lumber to build a new tower for it in back of the church if they desired. However, he stipulated that the bell would still be his property if ever moved. So they did.

Clapper of the bell disappearedmysteriously one April Fool's Day during the 1930's. Milton Hefley discovered it several years later while digging a sewer line for Mrs. J. O. McBride. Again the bell sounded in church tower.

Tillman Reeves obtained Ellison's consent to move the bell to its present perch, from whence it peals out joyous gonglings after local athletics victories.

The Crosbyton Review, Thursday, October 4, 1962