Mr. and Mrs. Harrison Watson

My friend, Robert Danner, told me a story about mannequins. His father-in-law, Harrison Watson, was offered two mannequins by his brother. Mr. Watson went in and told his wife that he picked up two women and they were drinking he couldn't do anything with them. His wife said "Harrison get rid of those women." He said "they are out in the car, you go talk to them." When she saw the mannequins without any clothes, she covered them with blankets.

Robert told me another story about his in-laws. It seems that Mrs. Watson was feeding all stray cats in the neighborhood. Harrison got tired of all the cats so he got a can of cat food for bait. He opened the can and put it in the car and left the door open. While the cats were eating, he closed the door and took the cats to his farm. On the way back he bought a new car. End of story.

I heard another story about Mr. Watson years ago. He was a very successful clothing merchant and land investor, but he didn't always look the part. He went into a store in Lubbock and inquired about a grand piano. He selected an expensive piano and told the clerk that he would take three of them. The clerk doubted whether he could pay for even one. The store called the Ralls Bank to see if his check was good. The bank said yes the check is good and sell him anything else he wants. Robert has one of those pianos.

I have heard that Mr. Watson didn't use a card. Some of his friends told him that he needed a credit card in case of car trouble out of town. He agreed to apply for one. When he filled out the application and came to a question about his occupation he put "I don't do anything." They turned his application down.

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