Russell Grady O'Rear and Emma Rankin O'Rear
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Emmie and R.G. O'Rear
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R.G. O'Rear and Emma Rankin were married March 2, 1914 at Rule, Texas. She was a teacher and he was a bookkeeper at the time of their marriage. They have lived in Lorenzo since 1919.

He was engaged in the grocery business for many years. The family market was popular and under the family name until sold to the Lowe's Grocery Company in 1981.

Their sons are Dr. J.M. O'Rear, Jack G. O'Rear, and James O'Rear.

This is a version of the silver wedding anniversary celebration tendered Mr. and Mrs. R.G. O'Rear as told by the Avalanche.

Mr. and Mrs. R.G. O'Rear of Lorenzo were honored on their silver wedding anniversary when her sister, Mrs. E.D. Farris, and Mr. Farris of 1312 Eighth Street gave a dinner Friday night. The program was as follows:
"The Bridal Chorus" from "Lohengrin," Martha Jean Elliot, pianist, and Dwey Farris, clarinetist; reading, "Fiddling' in the Firelight", Mrs. Farris; "When You and I Were Young Maggie," played by Martha Jean and Dewey; reading "Since Felix Went Away," Mrs. Farris; saxetta solo "Mary Had A Little Lamb," Paul Farris with accompaniment by Martha Jean; several song and piano numbers and several violin, and reading "The Great Secret," Mrs. Farris

The dinner table was laid with a crocheted cover, made in a pattern of hearts. Decorations were in silver. Flowers were used on the table, buffet, and piano and other parts of the house were pale lavender sweet peas, vari-colored hyacinths, grown by Mrs. Farris, and talisman roses. Invocation was by Rev. J.M. Rankin of Abernathy, father of Mrs. O'Rear.

Others attending were Mrs. J.M. Rankin; Miss Bernice Rankin of Abernathy; J.M. Jack and James O'Rear, sons of the honored guests; Messrs. and Mesdames Dan Bearden and W. Michael; Miss Jean Gray; Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Rankin, Jr., and sons, Gene and Joe of Slaton; Miss Mary Rankin of Muleshoe; Rev. and Mrs. John S. (article unreadable from this point on).

Lorenzo Tribune, Friday March 31, 1939
Source: Once Upon A Wayne and Sydna Wallace

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