LEE - BOURLAND CAMP 1848  Office

General Robert E. Lee
Jan. 19, 1807 - Oct. 12, 1870

Sons of Confederate Veteran
Lee-Bourland Camp 1848
Gainesville, Texas


Officers - 2015

Commander - Charlie Waters

Adjutant - Joe White

1st Lieutenant - Lloyd Epperson

2nd Lieutenant & Webmaster - Norman Newton  

Color Bearer & Aid to Camp - George Williams III

Chaplain - Tim Scott


Members and their Confederate Ancestor;

 Ansley, Reynolds: Pvt. David Andrew Johnson Co K, 39th Inf. AL

Armstrong, Chad & Charles
: Col. James G. Bourland TX Border Rgt. Cav. Red River of TX

Cassidy, Bill
: (Fatherís side) Hugh Cassidy (GGF) 26th Inf. SC
(Motherís side) Jerimiah Hurst (GGGF) 8th Cav. GA

Epperson, Lloyd
: Pvt. Leander Molinton Epperson Co D, 2nd Mounted Rifles AK

Herman, James
: Sgt. William M. Herrmann Co G, 6th Inf. AL

Montgomery, Ronnie: : 2nd Lt. John Calvin Montgomery, SR. 1st Mounted Rifles TX

Newton, Norman
: Pvt. Charles Samuel Newton, James P. Douglasí Battalion TX
                               Note: Tyler SCV Campís namesake is James P. Douglas who is from Tyler, TX

Peek, James Robert
: Pvt. James W. Peak Co F 8th Dibrellís Cav. TN

Reed, David
: Pvt. Rueben Blankenship Co D 18th Inf. AL

Reed, Hunter: Pvt. Michael Lorance 2nd Co Cav. TN

Riley, Bill: Pvt. William Chisum Co A, 38th Inf. TN consolidated to 22nd Batt.

Roundtree, Bob
: Pvt. Jesse Ballard Roundtree Co E, Morganís Rgt. Cav. TX

Scott, Timothy
: 2nd Lt. Joseph B. Scott Co E, 10th Cav. MO

Tisdale, William D.: Sgt. Augustus William Atwood Co G, 8th Inf. MS

Waters, Charles: (Fatherís side) Pvt. James Manning Waters Co G, 47th Inf. GA
                              (Motherís side) 5th Sgt. George Mosley Aston Co C, 9th Inf. TX

Wells, Matthew
: Pvt. George A. Buchanan Co F, 19th Cav. TX

White, Joe
: Capt. Mack Wilson Loyd 5th Cav. AL

Williams III, George:
Pvt Shelton Linzey Rutherford Co C Terryís Reg 1st Cav TX