Compiled by Norman L. Newton, of the Cross Timbers Genealogical Society, August 2010



                                                                                                                                    THE TOWN OF ERA
Located in a fertile farming region, Era was settled in the 1870s. Merchant J.N. Gist (1827-1893) platted the townsite. The post office was opened in 1881 and named for Era Hargroves (1875-1880), daughter of an early resident; the village soon had a blacksmith shop, cotton gin, hotel, several stores, and three churches. Era Institute was chartered in 1897 with primary through college level classes. Among the town's prominent citizens was Robert E. Thomason (1879-1973), U.S. Congressman and Federal Judge. Era won first place in the Texas Community Improvement Program in 1973.
                                                                                                                            Texas Historical Commission, 1978

Excerpts taken from the Era Centennial book

     In the Era Centennial Book published in 1878 has, "Mr. and Mrs. Hargrove, Father and Mother of the girl for whom Era was named.........Era Hargrove.  Mr. Hargrove began the Post Office in a cigar box on an old fashioned bureau in his home here in Era about the year of 1877 or 1878."

    On August 22, 1872 records show William and Virginia Daniels and Wade Horton deeded 180 acres of land on Duck Creek to J.W. Weeks for $480.00.  J.W. Weeks sold 100 acres of land to A.H. Hargrove (1836-   ) for $500.00.  A.H. Hargrove built a log house on this property. 

    The new community needed a name and a post office.  The men gathered together to select a name.  While it was being discussed little Era Hargrove (1875-1880) tugged at her daddy's trouser leg, and upon getting his attention asked, "Why not name the post office for me?"  The group followed the suggestion and in 1878 the settlement became "Era."

    Little Era Hargrove died in 1880.  She was buried just east of the town.  On January 10, 1881 the grief stricken family sold the 100 acres of land to J.N. Guist (1827-1893).  It is not known where the Hargrove family finally settled.  Mr. Guist laid out the first town.

    The town began to grow.  A blacksmith shop owned by Bill Higgins was the first in Era.  It was later sold to John P. Bickel in 1885.  A general store, larger hotel, cotton gin and three churches were added.  The town had grown to the grave of Era Hargrove.  Her body was moved to the new cemetery and buried on the J.N. Guist lot where it rests today.


    Because of curiosity about the Hargrove family I began a journey .....................a research journey to find out more about this family.  I have compiled my research into family story and have titled it, "Little Era Hargrove A Research Journey."  To read this story please click the link below.

Little Era Hargrove A Research Journey

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