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Records Reveal Names Past, Present

    Mrs. Waide Crunk taught the Adult Women's Sunday School Class thirty years ago. Class members included: Mrs. J. A. Waide, Mrs. S. D. Roach, Mrs. H. H. Ratchford, Miss Laura Tharp, Mrs. W. F. Houston, Mrs. Ellen Sims, Mrs. J. P. Roach, Mrs. L. B. Arnold, Miss Wyma Davis, Mrs. Lex Ditto, Mrs. J. F. Cope, Mrs. W. T. Thorn, Mrs. Blake Bickham, Mrs. J. W. McCrea, Mrs. Leo Coffman, Mrs. P. W. Williams.
    W. F. Houston was the Men's Sunday School Class teacher thirty years ago. The class roll showed P. A. Bynum, P. W. Williams, J. P. Roach, Ray Marlin, J. A. Waide, Jerry Ripple, Dick Hadley, Gilmer Williams, Edwin Tickle and Leo Coffman.
    The Josie Williamson Sunday School Class had many members thirty years ago. The roll listed: Mrs. Gilmer Williams, Mrs. J. A. King, Mrs. Ray Marlin, Mrs. C. D. Crunk, Mrs. Charles Dankworth, Mrs. Harvey Hartgrove, Mrs. Frank Coker, Mrs. George Click, Mrs. Lanny Coffman, Mrs. Dick Hadley, Mrs. W. C. Hartgrove, Mrs. R. S. Houston, Mrs. Stanley Mosteller, Mrs. Malford Hierholzer, Mrs. Scott Hartgrove, Mrs. William Warren, Mrs. Forest French, Mrs. Edwin Tickle, Mrs. Ed Whitesides, Mrs. Elmo White, and Mrs. W. M. Hargrove.
    Ben Sims taught the Youth Class thirty years ago. His pupils were Schultz Hadley, Joyce Lively, Larry Coffman, Deborah Hartgorve, Charlotte White, Roy Bowman, Dickie Hadley, May Helen Hartgrove and Bill Hartgrove.
    Mrs. Riley Houston was teacher for the intermediate Sunday School Class of thirty years ago. Her pupils included Steven Houston, Jeff Joiner, Sylvia Warren, Ronald Hovorak and Gail Hovorak.
    Youngsters in the primary Sunday School Class of thirty years ago were Lesa Coffman, Chyrel Hadley, Johnny Joiner, Linda Bowman, Wanda Joiner, Rob Whitesides, Glyn French, Kirk Hovorak, and Clinton French. Their teacher was Mrs. Dick Hadley.
    When Pam Houston, Kay Houston, Phillip Hartgorve, Beverly Lively, Jane Ann Whitesides, Bubba Crunk, Joe Dell Crunk, Linda Joiner, Jerry Hovorak and Becky Bowman were members of the Junior Sunday School Class thirty hears ago, their teacher was Mrs. Scott Hartgrove.
    Shown on the Kindergarten Sunday School roster of thirty years ago were Edwin French, Lloyd Joiner, Paul Warren, Gay Lynn Coffman, Richard Tickle, Joe Glenn Hierholzer, Cynthia Tickle and Ralph Warren. 

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