In Remembrance /of / Our Dear Sister / Fern Houston Hibler / by Lois and Floy Currie / Connie and Dick Russell
Dedicated / to the / Beautiful Memories and Love / of / Ella Houston / Lee and Deuty Mae Davidson / by Kay, Don, Angie and Scott Ware / Pam, Manoah, Mandy, Krissy and Houston Frank
In Remembrance of our Loved Ones / Ella LeCompte Sims / Lola Wheatley Campbell / Cora Hartgrove / Emma Kanter / Orland and Josephine Sims / Orland Sims Jr. / Mary DeBoice Campbell / Dale and Hattie Rue Campbell / by The Fred Campbell Family
In Memory / of / Our Loved Ones / Scott L. Hartgrove / J. H. and Maude Houston / Jack and Barbara Houston / Riley Houston / by Nell Hartgrove / Ann Finley and family / Rhonda McKnight and family / Stephen Houston and family
In the Warmth of Friendship / Dedicated to the Memory / of \ Curtis E. Norman / by Donald and Sandra Barley / J. D. and Evelyn Barley
In Loving Memory / of / Dr. Wm. S. Bickham / by Blake Bickham Sparks / Frances Ann Hatley
In Loving Memory / of / Dr. D. D. and Cora Fowler / Lewis and Pearl Fowler / Inez Fowler / by Mr. and Mrs. Bob Fowler
In Honor of the / Norman Children / Ada, Alice, Pannie, John / Monroe, Curtis, Mert, Jess, / Deuty Mae and Walter / by Mary Lou Wade Miller
In Loving Memory / of / My Wife and Daughter / Oneil and Peggy Hutcheson / by Ed Hutcheson
In Loving Memory of / W. M. "McK" Hartgrove / by McK Jr., Mary and Jeremy Hartgrove / Ernestine Hartgrove
In Loving Memory of / Bess Shultz / Dick Hadley / by Pauline Hadley/ Shultz Hadley and family / Dickie Hadley and family / Chyrel Kennedy and family
In memory of all members of the Crunk Family who have worshiped before us, especially...Mrs. Odessa Crunk / Waide Crunk / Carl D. (Billie) Crunk / Jack G. Crunk / by Bea Crunk / Joe Dell Crunk / Wm. Franke (Bubba) Crunk
In remembrance of the many pioneers who worked and sacrificed to make their dreams come true / by The Howard Hoffman Family
In loving Memory of / Major and Mrs. J. W. Ratchford / and their children / W. P. Ratchford / Harvey H. Ratchford / James H. Ratchford / Dr. Fannie E. Ratchford / George R. Ratchford / Edwin Ratchford / Mary Laura Ratchford / Dudley Ratchford / Robert Wallace Ratchford / Mrs. M. A. rose / Mr. and Mrs. Henry Nichols / by Frances (Ratchford) & Vinc Dusek, Jr.
In Loving Memory / of / Wilson and Dixie Hartgrove / by June and Charles Dankworth and family / Dixon and Jackie Hartgrove and family / Deborah and Leo Hoffman
In Loving Memory / of / J. W. and Maggie Norman / J. A. and Ada Waide / Lee and Deuty Mae Davidson / W. F. and Ella Houston / by W. F. and Dot Houston

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Background Art work by DANNY HAHLBOHM

Thank you George and Danny for allowing me to use your work.