History of the First Baptist Church
Paint Rock, Texas
1886 - 1962
Dedicated to:
J. M. Patton and J. B. Waide
"Two extraordinary men"
James L. Golden



    This brief history was written because there was a definite need for preserving the records of the church, as well as a need for the collecting of general information from numerous people in the community.  There are, of course, mistakes in this small book, however, it must be realized that exact information is sometimes difficult to obtain, as part of the church records have been misplaced.  Some names are probably missing, but none have been left out, except by mistake or lack of records.
    Throughout this work, many lists appear, some were contributions in conjunction with them.  The printing of the amounts contributed is not a means of emphasizing or de-emphasizing any person.  Since this is a history, it would naturally mean the printing of facts. Most lists were printed in the original form.
    Space would not permit a list of all the people who have worked on this book.  Over the months of work, it has been a process of collecting, writing, correcting, and rewriting.  Yet, thee are still some mistakes despite the efforts of the interested people.  A work of thanks and recognition to those who contributed financially for the printing of this history.  Originally, there was no intention of having the history printed in book form, but when the subject was mentioned many wanted to help, so in your hands you hold a small volume, the story of the Paint Rock Baptist Church.



            Dedication _______________________________________________1
            Forward _________________________________________________2
            Meet the Pastor____________________________________________4
            Picture of Deacons  _________________________________________5
            Contributors Church Bldg. 1907 ________________________________6
            Contributors Church Furniture 1961_____________________________7
            Contributors Church Bldg. 1932________________________________7
            General History____________________________________________8
            Charter Members __________________________________________8
            Picture Old Parsonage______________________________________10
            Picture First Church Bldg ____________________________________11
            Picture R. W. (Bob) Morris ___________________________________13
            Church Statistics___________________________________________14
            Picture Present Church Bldg. _________________________________16
            Picture P. R. Cabin at Lake __________________________________18
            Picture Present Parsonage __________________________________19
            Memorial Fund____________________________________________21
            Contributions to Parsonage Fund ______________________________23
            Resident Membership_______________________________________24
            Contributions for Printing of Church History _______________________25
            Pastors P. R. Baptist Church _________________________________25
            Deacons P. R. Baptist Church    _______________________________26
            In Memoriam______________________________________________27




    James L. Golden was born in Tenaha, Texas, of Shelby County on August 21, 1933. He was the second son of Leon and Vera Golden. Her father was killed in an accident in 1938, oat Odessa, Texas, where he was employed by the Arrow Drilling Company. After this, the family moved to East Texas and james attended school there. he graduated from high school at Van, Texas, in 1951. Immediately after graduation, he joined the U. S. Marine Corps and was stationed in California during most of his five year service, with the exception of fourteen months which was spent in Korea in 1952-53. After his discharge in 1956, work was begun on a college degree, and after two years and eight months he received his B.A. Degree from Howard Payne College in Brownwood.
    During the college years, James pastored the Lohn Baptist Church at Lohn, Texas. This was his firs pastorage and it proved to be enjoyable as well as extensive, lasting nearly four years.  After graduation he accepted a ob teaching school at Paint Rock, Texas, where he is presently teaching in his third year.  The First Baptist Church of Paint Rock, called him as pastor in February of 1961. 



    David Royce Currie was born in San Angelo on December 3, 1952 and raised in Paint Rock. He is the son of Joe Roy and Mary Jim Currie, the grandson of the late J. M. and Ruth Patton, also the late W. G. and Minnie Currie, faithful and long time workers in the First Baptist Church of Paint Rock.
    David graduated from Paint Rock High School in 1971 and from Howard Payne University, Brownwood with a Bible Degree in 1975. He received his Master of Divinity from Southwester Baptist Seminary, Fort Worth in 1978.
    He worked for the Christian Life Commission in Nashville, Tenn. from 1978-80, then pastored at First Baptist Church in Mason two years.
    David is the author of one book "On The Way!" by Broadman Press and has written many articles for Southern Baptist publications.




Ladies Aid $100.00 Dick Pounds 1.00
A. L. Burk 100.00 J. P Alexander 5.00
J. C. Jones 100.00 Tom Shuler 2.50
S. Roach 100.00 Joe Currie 10.00
Mr. and Mrs. Huston 100.00 Miss Ludie Tom 2.50
R. W. Morris 100.00 First National Bank 10.00
A. C. Flemister  75.00 M. W. Morris 10.00
D. E. Sims  50.00 A. J. Hall 10.00
T. K. Wilson  25.00 H. W. Gober 10.00
E. N. Barbee  25.00 Harman Miexner 1.00
F. Wyatt  25.00 Dr. France 2.50
Dr. Crunk  15.00 George Hanna 2.50
J. E. Howze  12.50 J. A. Waide 5.00
W. B. Woodruff  25.00 Miss Eunice Younger  5.00
J. B. Waide  25.00 J. Lackey 2.50
J. F. Fowler  10.00 J. B. Lee 1.00
A. J. Wolf  10.00 H. H. Kendrix 5.00
Earl Willis  10.00 J. W. Jones 2.50
A. R. Maddoux  10.00 T. F. Benge 5.00
J. D. Clay   5.00 J. F. Bass 2.50
R. W. Warren   5.00 R. C. Tillery 1.00
J. W. Warren  10.00 A. D. Moss 5.00
W. J. Tomerlin   5.00 R. H. Woodard 1.00
Ed Anderson   5.00 J. V. Alexander 1.00
D. Reed   5.00 John Robertson 2.00
J. J. Millwee   5.00 W. Jeff Wilcox 1.00
T. F. Jackson  10.00 Ira Harris 5.00
H. A. Shurman   2.50 W. S. Boswell 10.00
H. H. Ratchford   2.50 T. A. Riley 3.50
Hugh L. Gober   2.50 Cudellas Waide 5.00
A. C. McCulley   5.00 S. L. Hicks 1.00
J. S. Gregory  12.00 Harold Tomerlin  .50
Mrs. H. A. Shurman   2.50 Wallie Ratchford  .50
Curtis Norman   1.00 John W. Goodwin 5.00
J. W. Norman  50.00 Mrs. S. W. Benge 5.00
Sid Oxford   5.00 R. C. Sloan 2.50
C. F. Cottrell   5.00 J. K. Norman 5.00
James Howze Jr   2.50 Mrs. J. S. Jones 5.00
W. W. Gober   5.00 Walter Haglestein 1.00
John Norman, Jr   2.50 Mrs. Bessie Jackson 1.00
J. M. Burk  25.00 Hargis Bros. 20.00
C. Haglestein   5.00 J. E. Roberts 1.00
Walter Boswell   2.50 Mrs. Sisson 1.00
V. D. Fuller   2.50 O. E. Hanna 2.50
W. H. Leake   1.00 T. E. Tomerlin 5.00
TOTAL     $1290.00


                                CONTRIBUTORS FOR CHURCH FURNITURE 1961

Joe Brosig $250.00 Ed Mosteller 150.00
W. B. Bishop     75.00 Jim Neal 100.00
Waide Crunk     25.00 Mrs. A. Novian   50.00
Mrs. Earl Conley     10.00 J. M. Patton   50.00
Bill Currie   250.00 Mrs. Nellie Pierce     5.00
Floy Currie   100.00 Florence Pirtle     6.00
Mrs. Johnny Coffee        3.00 T. D. Pope   25.00
Roy Currie   200.00 Hilton Stephenson 106.00
Wyma Davis     10.00 Roy Tomlinson   50.00
A. D. Davis     25.00 Mrs. Roy Terry   10.00
Mrs. Zeb Deck     15.00 Charlie Thomas   10.00
Jack Dewitt     25.00 N. T. Underwood   50.00
Mrs. Ed Dusek     50.00 Mary West 100.00
Mrs. R. H. Fowler     10.00 W. E. Wright 100.00
Coy Garrett     20.00 Bobby Wood   10.00
James Golden   106.00 Mary Wood   10.00
Robert Huston     10.00 Mrs. Wilbur Waide    20.00
Frank Herridge     10.00 J. B. Waide   25.00
Joe Hurt     22.00 Imogene Waide 100.00
Floyd Higginbotham     50.00    
Mrs. Carrie Kemp     25.00    
Joe King     50.00    
Ethel King   100.00    
Willard Estep   110.00 TOTAL $2858.00




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