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Round Mountain
Round Mountain, September 1, 2005
Proctor, TX Baptist Church (early photo)
LaVera writes: "2 very different views of the Baptist Church building in Proctor, TX. The older one (above) is more sepia tone on a tan background (could have been white at one time), then glued onto one of the old-time cardboard frames. I have looked hard, but can find no photographer's name on the frame. No date, but my aunt wrote on the back "Baptist Church, Proctor, Texas". The building has been added onto over the years, so that is the 2nd picture (below) that my sister took on 1 September 2005. You can barely see the spire for the clouds (just above the cross on the left)."
Proctor, TX Baptist Church (New Photo)

2nd grade class, Proctor, 1935-1936
Second Grade Class, Proctor, TX, 1935-1936
Tombstone of Charles Purvis, 1905-1906
Tombstone of Charles Purvis, b. Dec. 19 1905 and d. Jan. 6, 1906
Son of Jesse G. and Annie H. Purvis
Tombstone of Jesse Eargle Purvis, Jr.
Tombstone of Jesse Eargle Purvis, Jr. b. Aug. 9 1924 and d. Aug. 18, 1924
Son of Jesse E. and Odessa L. (Johnson) Purvis
50th Wedding Anniversary Annnouncement
50th Wedding Anniversary Announcement of James Henry and Emma (Wooton) Purvis
1916 [i.e., 1915]

James Henry and Emma (Wooton) Purvis
Mrs. Jessie G. Purvis and her Sunday School Class
Mrs. Jessie G. Purvis with her Sunday School class
from the Proctor, TX Baptist Church
Entrance to the Proctor Cemetery
Entrance to the Proctor Cemetery, Proctor, TX
Tombstone of Jesse and Annie Purvis
Tombstone of Jesse G. Purvis (1868 - 1945)
and Annie L. Purvis (1870 - 1941)
The old Proctor School
The old Proctor School, no longer in existence
James and Emma Purvis in front of their home
This is a picture of James Henry and Emma in front of their home. When James Henry got too elderly to do much outside, he would still wear a clean white shirt every day and sit in his rocker.
Obituary of Emma (Wooton) Purvis
Obituary of Emma (Wooton) Purvis
Mar. 1, 1916

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