Newburg Cemetery Photos and Flippin Grave Markers

Newburg Cemetery, Comanche County, Texas

Featuring the Flippin Grave Markers
contributed by Nova A. Lemons

James Asberry Flippin and his sister Nancy Elizabeth "Bettie" Flippin were children of Samuel Wesley and Nancy Mosby (Lewis) Flippin.  The Flippins came to Comanche Co. area from Monroe Co., Kentucky, after living for a few years in Washington Co., Arkansas.   James A. Flippin was born in Monroe Co., Kentucky and married Louisa Jane Walker on 13 October 1878 in Comanche Co., Texas.  Louisa was born 26 January 1851 in Arkansas to Asher and Nancy (Johnson) Walker and died 9 May 1927 in Texas.  They had only one child, Asher Theodore Flippin, who was born 16 May 1880 in Sipe Springs, Comanche Co. and died 5 November 1948 in Dumont, King Co., Texas.  The cause of James' death is not known. Nancy E. "Bettie" Flippin's birthplace is not known but she would have been born in either Texas or Arkansas.  She was single when she died.  The cause of her death is not known. 

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Nova A. Lemons is the  great-great-granddaughter of Samuel W. and Nancy M. (Lewis) Flippin (descended from their daughter Mary Jane Flippin who married Frank M. Smith on 27 December 1883 in Comanche Co., Texas)
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Newburg Cemetery

Newburg Cemetery
The Flippin markers are behind the first tombstone in the front
Nancy Elizabeth Flippin is buried on the left
James Asberry Flippin is buried on the right

Grave Marker of James Asberry Flippin

Grave Marker of James Asberry Flippin
"James A., son of S. W. & N. M. Flippin, born July 30, 1852, died May 9, 1882"

Grave Marker of Nancy Elizabeth Flippin

Grave Marker of Nancy Elizabeth Flippin
"Nancy E., daughter of S. W. & N. M. Flippin, born June 7, 1860, died Nov. 15, 1882"

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