Hazeldell Cemetery

Hazeldell Cemetery

Some photos contributed by Lewis Westfall

Entrance to Cemetery
Hazeldell Gate

Tombstone of McDonald and Maye Applewhite
Maye Rudd & Applewhite, McDonald
May 17, 1933 June 3 1927

Tombstone of Gladys Irene Lee Caldwell
Caldwell, Gladys Irene Lee
Nov 23 1909
Jan 20 2000
In Loving Memory
Tombstone of Jesse Ashel Cross Jr.
Cross, Jesse Ashel Jr TEXAS
Dec 1 1943 Sept 19 1960
Tombstone of Kirk and Lovie Humphries
Humphries, Kirk Mabry
Oct 1 1936
Sept 11 2000
Lovie Jo Lee
Mar 10 1939
Tombstone of Reuben Hardee Johnston
Johnston, Reuben Hardee
Aug 22 1888
Oct 18 1938
Rest is Thine, and Sweet Memories Ours
Tombstone of Jimmie Darrell Lee
Lee, Jimmie Darrell Mar 26 1943
Aug 6 1994
Forever in Our Memory
Marker of Jimmie Darrell Lee
Lee, Jimmie Darrell SP4 US ARMY
Mar 26 1943 Aug 6 1994
Tombstone of Louisa Miller
Miller, Louisa
1886 - 1927
Tombstone of Hazel L. Reed
Reed, Hazel L
1911 - 2000
Tombstone of Norman Chilton Reed
Reed, Norman Chilton
Feb 20 1925
Oct 20 1962
Tombstone of William W. Reed
Reed, William W
Co M
4 Tex Inf
Sp Am War
Tombstone of Earnest Walker
Walker, Earnest
Aug 27 1905
June 1 1975
Tombstone of Obera and Nola Westfall
Arther, Obera Alma
Jan 23 1906
Polvado, Nola Shannon
May 29 1909
Oct 13 1987
Birth Made Us Sisters
Love Made Us Friends
Tombstone of Alonzo and Maggie Westfall
Westfall. Alonzo Larkin
Dec12 1869
Jan 3 1966
Westfall, Maggie Boyd
Jan 26 1885

Tombstone of Mickey Marie Young
Young, Mickey Marie
1925 - 1928

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