Comanche County, Texas John Breckenridge Cooper Family

Family Group Sheet of
The John Breckenridge Cooper Family

By Ann Dickenson

Full Name of Husband
John Breckenridge Cooper
Birth Date and Place
28 Jun 1877     Texas
His Father
Joshua H. Cooper
Marriage Date and Place
16 Jan 1897      Comanche County, TX
His Mother (Maiden Name)
Emma Marsh
Death Date and Place of Burial
15 Jun 1945      Comanche County, TX     Toliver Cemetery
Full Name of Wife
Maud Edith Beadles
Birth Date and Place
04 May 1880    Tarrant County, TX
Her Father
Dallas P. Beadles
Death Date and Place of Burial
14 Dec 1956     Comanche County, TX     Toliver Cemetery
Her Mother
Frances Isabelle Daniel
Other Spouses of Father and/or Mother
        CHILDREN                                          BIRTH DATE/PLACE
          DEATH DATE/PLACE/BURIAL                                  MARRIAGE DATE/PLACE/SPOUSE
1. Vernie C. Cooper  (f)                     05 Nov 1898  Comanche County, TX
28 Sep 1974  Hamilton Co., TX  Toliver Cemetery           20 Feb 1916  Hamilton Co.  Lanna Fisher Morris
2. James Allen Cooper (m)               16 Dec 1901  Comanche County, TX
11 May 1977  Hill Co., TX  Unknown                                1928  Unknown  Elizabeth Jones
3. Edna Cooper (f)                             20 Nov 1904  Comanche County, TX
14 Sep 1983  Escondido, CA  Escondido, CA                  17 Sep 1921  Hamilton Co.  Robert Virgil Holder
4. Beulah Belle Cooper (f)                9 Aug 1910   Comanche County, TX
20 Oct 1981  Comanche County, TX  Toliver Cemetery  Unknown  Homer Miller
5. J. B. Cooper (m)                             ABT 1813      Comanche County, TX
Unknown   Baytown, Harris Co., TX  Unknown               1942   Houston, Harris Co.  Muriel Lee Williams
6. Blanche Cooper (f)                        15 Nov. 1916 Hamilton County, TX
03 Mar 2004  McLennan Co.  Memorial Park, Waco        31 Jan 1942  Brown Co. Ivan Bryant Lewis

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