Spangenberg Cemetery, Comal County, Texas
Spangenberg Cemetery
Comal County, Texas
T G Thompson  sent the following pictures and is
researching the  Spangenberg Family.  
Shirlee Lee is also researching this tree.

Additional Spangenberg Information

History of the Spangenberg Cemetery



The Spangenberg cemetery is on the old Spangenberg Property
in Fischer,Texas in Comal County. The property is now owned by Mrs. Graham
It is about one mile down on FM 32 and FM 484 going north on FM 32 to the front of
Mrs. Grahams property.  The cemetery is in the back part of the property.
This cemetery is not open to the public.  To see the cemetery you will have to
get permission from the property owned by Mrs. Wanda Graham.
On the bottom of Christoph & Elizabeth stone marker . Is engrave in German.
    This is in German.                                                 Translated to English.
Eingevandert nach Texas.                                         Immigrant to Texas
Aus Kleinschneer Deueschland                                from Kleinschneer Germany                        
auf schiff timteon 23 november                                on the ship Timoleon 23 november
1845 mit kapitan Ferwald.                                          1845 with captan Ferwald.
Also the name Marie is scratch in the face of the concrete.
Also in the cemetery is one of Christoph and Elizabeth Spangenberg's grandson
and one Great grandson.
             Hugo  Heun
October 11  1900  to November 02 1914
Hugo is the son of Wilhem & Sophie Katherine Spangenberg Heun.
and  the brother of Luise Heun born December 15  1897.
 Bernhard F. Spangenberg
 February 14 1873 to 1907
Bernhard and Katherine is Hermann & Anna  Marie Wersdoerfer Spangenberg


The know burials are:

Hugo Heun     Oct 11 1900 - Nov 02 1914
The momument is caste iron.

s8b s8c.jpg

Christoph von & Elizabeth Voight   1807 - 1895
On the concrete base with the marble plaque
Christoph Von & Elizabeth Spangenberg
Also the name Marie scratched in the face of the concrete.


Bernard F. Spangenberg  1873 - 1909

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