Schuler or Storey Cemetery Gonzales County Texas
The Schuler or Storey Cemetery
Near Cost, Gonzales County, Texas
by Ted and Elsie Siepmann
Found in
Family Footsteps Magazine
Volume VIII, Number 3, 1991 pages 135 to 137
Published by
Comal County Genealogy Society
P. O. Box 310160
New Braunfels, Texas 78131

L. J. Denman 07-01-1850 07-20-1883 Consort of S. J. Denman
Jesse Qualls 12-25-1794 10-06-1883 Great Grandfather to my husband Jim Qualls.
Mary M. Shuler 06-12-1815 02-12-1897 wife of Joab Shuler
Joab Schuler 09-30-1803 06-01-1878  
Sophronia E. Shuler 06-15-1858 09-16-1870 Daughter of Joab and Mary Shuler
Nannie E. Stevens 02-23-1880 10-08-1880 Daughter of W. R. and Mattie Stevens
William Hancock 04-06-1819 04-05-1901  
Nancy Hancock 03-20-1816 04-16-1910  
Baby Girl Cook 06-12-1914 06-12-1914 Daughter of C. C. Cook
Row 2      
Rebecca Connally 11-11-1817 08-01-1901  
G. P. Connally 09-11-1819 12-17-1900  
Brett G. Shuler 05-19-1880 12-05-1881 Son of Geo. W. and S. F. Shuler
George W. Shuler 06-12-1825 04-17-1890 Mason Marker on grave
Sarah F. Shuler 07-11-1845 12-19-1926  
Luther B. Shuler 10-11-1876 03-13-1909  
Callie B. Shuler 08-07-1878 12-18-1936  
John Thompson Storey 07-01-1796 11-12-1858 more information on tombstone
J. A. Storey 08-27-1821 03-06-1868 Consort of Jos. T. Price
Four graves no dates no dates marked by stacked layers of bricks. May be Price or Story
Row 3      
Mamie Brewer 04-12-1886 12-22-1892 Daughter of P. T. and L. G. Brewer
Robert Gipson Billings 10-27-1877 11-27-1880 Son of  A. S. and L. G. Billings
Katharine Susanna Billings 09-18-1872 11-07-1881  
Nicholas Alley 09-07-1857 01-31-1883  
Robert C. Alley 11-11-1829 02-08-1883 Mason Marker on grave
Infant Alley 06-12-1897 06-12-1897 Son of A. W. and M, K. Alley
John McLester Storey 12-01-1832 11-10-1846  
Lucy Caroline Storey 08-18-1832 07-23-1846  
Eliza J. Beedy 05-07-18?? 10-11-18?? Wife of A. D. Beedy
James Phelps 02-22-1829 12-21-1863  
scattered graves no dates no dates  
Mary M. White 06-09-1852 10-17-1853 Daughter of Thomas J. and Martha E. White
Robert Whites 12-17-1821 12-17-1821 Son of Thomas J. and Martha E. White
2 graves  no dates no dates one with red brick and one with white granite
C. A. Lemmond 09-17-1852 02-14-1864  
U. L. Lemmond 07-18-1868 10-30-1868  
John W. Lemmond 01-26-1817 02-07-1879  
Nancy B. Lemmond 01-26-1821 05-11-?? wife of J. W. Lemmond  - stone broken
B. Brassell no date no date sandstone marker (not readable)
one grave no date no date marked with red brick
B. M. Lemond 03-12-1854 03-13-1883  
S. W. Lemmond no date no date  
HOL no date no date One headstone with this scratched on it and a footstone
W.Y.H. no date  no date Granite slab
no name no date no date Granite slab

Note:  J. T. Storey commanded the troops that moved Indians from northwest Georgia to Arkansas.  He represented
Chattanooga County in the state Legislature of Georgia.  In 1845 he moved to Texas and settled in Gonzales County
near where he was buried.  J. T. Storey was a Lt. in the company of Texas Rangers commanded by Captain Henry
E. McCullough in 1846 and 1847.

This cemetery has about 49 graves but there may be more unmarked graves.

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