South Fairview Cemetery

South Fairview Cemetery

also known as Fairview Cemetery and West Wellington Cemetery



When the old Wellington Cemetery (now Memorial Gardens) was closed during the typhoid epidemic of 1912, the Wellington Cemetery Association purchased from the estate of Mrs. Mattie Mooney and her late husband, Dr. James Henry Mooney, an eight-acre tract on the NE1/2 of Section 3, Block 15. The transaction was recorded May 9, 1912, by George Lee, County Clerk. The purchase price was $750. As the cemetery was filled, additional space was needed, and this was bought from Thomas and Cook. The first person to be buried in Fairview was Mrs. Margaret J. Camp, wife of John T. Camp, who died April 4, 1912. (Section 7, row 1). It is interesting to note that Dr. James Henry Mooney, who died December 4, 1910, was buried in the old Wellington Cemetery, and was then transferred to Fairview Cemetery soon after its purchase in 1912. Caretakers are employed the year around for all three of the Wellington cemeteries by the Wellington Cemetery Association. This is a well kept burial ground. Fairview Cemetery (Thomas and Cook) is located near the city of Wellington, Texas on Farm Road 338. It is 0.3 of a mile west of the southwest corner of the city. To simplify the identification of the graves, the cemetery is sketched in eleven sections. Each section was recorded in north-south rows, beginning at the northwest corner. However, the section and row is alphabetized due to the computer program.


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