Rolla Cemetery


Rolla Cemetery

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Burials in the Rolla Cemetery apparently began in the early 1900's. County records show that in 1910 Mr. P. A. Hogan deeded two acres to J. K. Duke, County Judge, for a school. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Berry are of the opinion that he included in his gift enough land for a church and a cemetery.

According to all the legible markers, Mr. A. C. Maxwell, who died May 17, 1912, was the first to be buried here. The Hogans sold their land years ago and left the area. Some people believe that some of their family were buried here, also. The last interment was that of Mrs. G. R. (Ada) Morgan, who died in 1964. Some of the graves are so covered with sand and wild growth that the inscriptions are buried.

Mrs. Lee Ella Seale Recorder, Rolla Cemetery

Rolla Cemetery may be located by leaving Highway No. 83 at the southeast corner of Wellington; going west on Farm Road No. 338 exactly 9 miles (a winding road); then turning left. This cemetery lies about a mile south of this corner between the old church and school buildings. They are visible from Farm Road No. 338. These landmarks have been in disuse for quite a number of years. For this reason, it was impossible to record the burial places in rows.


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