Plymouth Cemetery

Plymouth Cemetery

photo by Darrell Colson



The Plymouth Cemetery is located on the west side of the center of Section 6, Block 16 in Collingsworth County, Texas. It is one-half mile south of the former Plymouth Post Office, General Store and school house. It was from the estate of W.H. and Elizabeth Bradley, and was used for the Lake Creek Church until the schools in the north part of the county were officially consolidated on April 30, 1934, with the new name of Samnorwood. The churchyard was first used for burial purposes in March of 1911 when the infant son of T.B. and Alice Starkey was buried there. After the moving of the building, the entire church area became a part of the present Plymouth Cemetery. The plots are well laid out in north-to-south rows, and the cemetery is well-kept. The census was read from the northwest corner to southeast, in north to south rows. Mrs. W.M. Boston, daughter of T.B. Starkey gave the original information in 1976.


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