Dodson Cemetery

Dodson Cemetery

photo by Darrell Colson
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Legal records in the Collingsworth County Courthouse: Located one half mile north of Dodson, Texas, 4 acres of N.E. corner of Section 40--Block 10H & G GN R.W. Company survey, Volume 40 page 220, dated 11-2-1921, deeded from Eula and Elmore Dodson for the sum of one Dollar and no cents, belonging to Dodson Cemetery Assoication and Heirs and Assigns forever and do hereby bind our Heirs, Executors, Administrators to warrant and forever defend all and singular premises.

Trustees: E.H. Dodson, James Scott, and J.M. Downs.

Two acres adjacent to original Dodson Cemetery on the south side, located Section 40-Block 10, sold to Dodson Cemetery Association for the sum of Three hundred dollars by E.H. and Eula Dodson, Vol 24, page 1, dated 7-15-1953.

Trustees: J.C. Howell, Duard Scott, and Floyd Teutsch.

Other items of Historical interest:

The first person buried in Dodson Cemetery was Frances R. Scott Burke, Mrs. Eula Dodson's sister, who died February 28, 1920. the cemetery association keeps a complete record of each person buried, even if their names are unknown, their lots are listed. The map and these records are kept by the Secretary, Mr. Howard Hunt. This association keeps the property in excellent condition. They now have a "Perpetual Care Fund" and a "Memorial Fund".

Mrs. Frances J. Martin, Corresponding Secretary, Dodson Cemetery Association.

The following material was donated by the compilers, Mrs. Frances J. Martin and Mrs. Mary Alice Birden, who live in Collingsworth County at Dodson, Texas but are members of the One Meridian Chapter, National Society Daughters of the American Revolution of Hollis, Oklahoma. They were also kind enough to supply the plot number of each person and the names of some of the persons buried in unmarked graves.

In the Old Section, each row reverses direction, beginning at the NE corner. In the New Section, all rows run from north to south, beginning at the NE corner. The two acres were added in 1953. The Flag Pole is at Row 1.Our thanks to Jeanette Moore, Dodson Postmistress, for providing the information to the compilers and updating the computer information.


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