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Article III of our CCGS bylaws includes this statement of objectives:

"The sole purpose of this organization shall be to promote an interest in genealogical research, by assisting members with their research, by helping to preserve local records, and by providing support for the genealogy section of the Plano Public Library System."

Help us achieve our goals! CCGS is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation that welcomes donations to our funds and projects.

CCGS has several ongoing projects to preserve and make available historical records, educate the genealogical community, or aid genealogists in their personal research. Proceeds from our projects benefit our Book Fund or, beginning this year, our Digitization Project!

Fund Raiser

Since its beginning, CCGS has been a major contributor of time, money, and research materials to the genealogy section of the Plano Public Library System. Through the hardwork, dedication and generosity of our membership, CCGS has contributed in excess of $100,000 to the PPLS and countless hours of volunteer time.

Our commitment remains strong and our efforts are helping to make the Genealogy and Texana collections, now housed in the lower level of Haggard Library, a major resource center for genealogists in North Central Texas.

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Digital Projects

This project is being funded by grants from the Collin County Historical Commission (CCHC), private donations, the Tom Thumb Good Neighbor Program and sales of Vintage Hobnail Glassware.

Since September 2011, the Collin County Historical Commission has awarded CCGS in excess of $9,500.00 in grants towards the digitization of early Collin County Newspapers. As a result, CCGS has partnered with The University of North Texas to digitize several decades of issues of The McKinney Democrat! These images are available free of charge on UNT's website.

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Current projects generating revenue for the Book Fund or the Digitization Project are:  

Collin County Genealogical Society FamilyTree DNA Project

Administrator, Paula Perkins

The Family Tree DNA Project was established in 2009 to assist our members or anyone interested in testing Y DNA or MtDNA. The Y DNA test is for finding your paternal line ancestry. Only males can be tested since only males have a Y chromosome. The mtDNA test is for finding your maternal line ancestry. Both males and females can be tested since you get your mtDNA from your mother. Only females pass their mtDNA on to their children.

If you are stuck at a brick wall with your research, DNA testing may match you to another family you can share research with to find your common ancestor. Finding your genetic match will help you to focus your research on families you have a connection to, instead of researching all the families with the same name in the same area. This should save you money on research materials.

CCGS Tote Bags

CCGS logo'd Tote Bags for sale!!

While supplies last.
Send $20.00 plus $1.65 TX Sales Tax per bag to
Collin County Genealogical Society
ATTN: Tote Bags
P.O. Box 865052
Plano TX 75086-5052
Please contact Michael Bassett at
to arrange for pickup
or add $5.00 shipping to purchase price and include shipping address with order.


Proceeds from the sale of these items are used to purchase materials for the genealogy section of W.O. Haggard, Jr. Library.

Tom Thumb Good Neighbor Program

Fund Raiser Do you shop at Tom Thumb? We're part of their Good Neighbor program. We receive a donation based on how much you spend with proceeds benefiting the Digitization Project! Link CCGS (#12702) to your Tom Thumb Reward Card.

CLICK HERE to download the "Customer's Good Neighbor Charity Addition/Deletion Form".

Simply fill in your information and the next time you're grocery shopping, drop it off at the customer service desk.


Books For Sale!

Proceeds from the sale of these items are used to purchase materials for the genealogy section of W.O. Haggard, Jr. Library.

Collin County Marriage Books; compiled by Mary Ann Thompson. Each volume has a full name bride index, a full name groom index and an index of Other Names (witnesses, etc.). 8.5"x11" softbound. $6.00 per book plus 8.25% sales tax for Texas residents and S&H if applicable. Checks should be made payable to Collin County Genealogical Society and mailed to Jeanne Spain, 1319 Janwood Drive, Plano TX 75075-7228.

    Collin County Marriage Books
  • Book 7, 1888-1890
  • Book 8, 1891-1893
  • Book 9, 1893 - SEP 1895
  • Book 10, SEP 1895 - 1897

Pioneer Families Project:

Individuals proving descent from settlers arriving in the county between 1846-1865 are eligible for the First Families of Collin County certificate. For those whose ancestors did not arrive until after the Civil War, but before the turn of the century, they are eligible for the Reconstruction Families of Collin County. Anyone proving direct or collateral descent from a Collin County resident may apply. Collateral descent must be through a brother or sister of the early county resident. For more information contact Paula Perkins at

Candidates need not be a member of CCGS to apply. Proceeds go to the CCGS Book Fund.

CCGS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation that welcomes donations for placement of genealogical related books and materials in the GLHTA Collection of the Plano Public Library System.


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