Clay County Texas Schools


submitted by Lucille Glasgow

There were many schools that sprang up in all parts of the county as settlers moved in and needed schools close enough for their children to reach by foot or horseback. The following appear
on various lists - and there may be more. If you have any information or photos to
share with us, we would appreciate having them for the museum.

INDEPENDENT DISTRICTS: Henrietta, Petrolia, Midway, Byers, Bellevue



 1.  Newport 23. Halsell 50.  Jolly
 2.  Stillwell 25. New London (Cullers) 51.  Long Creek
 3.  Liberty 26. Fairview 52.  Little Wichita
 4.  Union 28. Beaver Creek 53.  Harmony
 5.  Pleasant Valley 29. Cambridge 54.  Prairie Flower
 6.  Myrtle 30. Doss 55.  Smith Creek
 7.  Antelope 32. Willow Springs 55.  Featherston
 8.  Lone Star 33. Riverland 57.  Duck Creek
 9.  Buffalo Springs 34. Benvanue 58.  Vashti
10.  Fannintown 35. Valentine 59.  Oak Grove
10.  Joy 36. Charlie 60.  Leissler
12.  Windthorst 37. Kemp 61.  Talbot
13.  Cobb 39. Star Ridge 63.  Brown
14.  Friendship 39. Prospect 64.  Carmichael
15.  Russell Creek 40. Frog Creek 65.  Kempner
16.  Deer Creek 41. Lodge Creek 67.  Victoria
17.  Gowan 42. Independence 69.  McKee
19.  Mulberry (Oak Grove) 43. Deer Grove 70.  Pecan Grove
19.  DeanDale 44. Rock Springs 72.  Linville
19.  Scotland 45. White Hill 74.  East Fork
20.  Secret Springs 46. Thornberry 76.  Huggins
20.  Friberg 47. Round Prairie 77.  Stanfield
21.  Blue Grove 48. Hurnville 78.  Neville
23.  Shiloh 49. Ikard 79.  Fleming
    80.  Theole 




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