PBSD Bible Records
          Cherokee County, Texas




This file contains entries from the Mijamin Priest Bible. James Dunlap Smyrl Bible, Richard Samson Bell Bible.and James H. David Bible The Cherokee County Genealogical Society thanks Shannon Smyrl for permission to publish these records.


Mijamin Priest Bible

Information from the Mijamin Priest Bible was furnished by Margaret Priest Dickey of Rusk, Texas. Current location of this Bible is not known.

Holy Bible N.Y. American Bible Society Instituted in the year MDCCCXVI _________ 1848

Presented to Mijamin Priest by E. G. Smith Purchased from the Bible Socitty, Woodville Oct. 23, 1850


Mijamin Priest - Born Dec. 23, 1808 Mary Ann Priest (nee Hicks) - Born August 3, 1818


1. Margaret Jane Born Jan. 30, 1834 2. Susan Elizabeth Born Jan. 7, 1836 3. Henry Meredith Born April 13, 1838 4. Elisha Madding Born Nov. 16, 1840 5. William Hicks Born Dec. 27, 1842 6. Mijamin Dale Born May 30, 1845 7. Mary Ann Born Sept. 20, 1848 8. Harriet Lou-Ellen Born April 26, 1851 9. Sarah Baily Born July 26, 1852 10. Arthur Franklin Born Nov. 8, 1853 11. Eugene Albert Born Dec. 31, 1856


Mijamin Priest Mary Ann Hicks Married Dec. 13, 1832

Children's Marriages

Samuel A. Willson Susan Elizabeth Priest Married Sept. 1, 1853

William H. Willson Margaret Jane Priest Married Jan. 1, 1855

E. M. Priest Bettie MCCord Married Dec. 15, 1875 (Born Dec. 11, 1848 - Died Oct. 16, 1886)

E. A. Priest Ellen Jones June 13, 1883

E. M. Priest Ellen E. Clark July 12, 1888


Susan Elizabeth 1. Mary Alice Born Aug 28, 1855 2. Samuel Priest Born July 15, 1858 3. Frank Sexton Born Sept 27, 1860 (Lived about a year) 4. Minnie Born Sept. 26, 1864 5. Lizzie Lou-Ellen Born Feb. 15, 1866

Margaret Jane 1. Mary Emma Born Oct. 22, 1855 2. James Mijamin Born Feb. 6, 1857

Emma Wood - Pearl - Born July 6, 1868 Taken from the Family Record (Remark: Emma was a ward of the court. Family tradition is that Mijamin took her when he had to sentence her father to prison.)

E. M. Priest 1. Edgar Clinton Born Feb. 14, 1877 2. Frank McCord Born March 8, 1879 3. Rupert Clyde Bron Dec. 1, 1880 4. Mary Elizabeth Born Sept 29, 1886 - Died Mar. 5, 1887 (Mother died on Oct 16, 1886)

Our little boy Arthur Franklin died Feb. 22, 1856 at Rusk, Cherokee county, Texas - Age 2 years, 3 mos, 14 day

Our oldest daughter Margaret Jane Willson died on Oct. 13, 1861 at Knoxville, Cherokee County, Texas and was buried in the graveyard at Rusk by the side of her little brother, Frank. Her age was 27 years, 8 mos, and 13 days. She left an infant 7 days old, Maggie Jane, which died Dec. 13, 1861 - age 2 mos, 7 days. Burried with its mother and beside her cousin Frank Sexton.

Our dear sons, Henry and William were soldiers in the Confederate Army - Fought the bloody battle at Frot Donnelson - were surrendered prisoners of war Feb. 16, 1862 - were conveyed to Camp Douglass near Chicago, Illinois, and there died. William on the 30th of June 1862, age 19 years, 6 mos, and 3 days. Henry on the 17th of Aug 1862, age 26 years, 4 mos, and 4 days. William died with brain fever and Henry died with typhoid fever. " "Away from home and the friends of their yourh They died as they lived - in belief of the Truth." "We mourn but not as those who have no hope - To God we commit them."

Our dear daughter Mary Ann Turner, "Cotton Puss" died at our manse in Rusk on the night of May 8, 1882. She fell asleep without a struggle or a groan after a protracted illiness.

Our little grandson Frank Sexton, son of Sam A. and Elizabeth died at our house in Rusk on October 12, 1861

Mary Ann Priest, wife of M. Priest, died Feb. 21, 1883 - age in 67th year.

Judge M. Priest died March 15, 1884 in the 76th year of his age.

Record of Slaves

Lucy Priest Born January 15, 185?

Armand Priest Born August 22, 1863

John Priest Born May 15, 1867

Bettie Priest Age not known. Bought her in 1853

Ed Priest Age not known. Bought him in 1864

Roof Priest Age not known. Bought from Woods 1865


James Dunlap Smyrl Bible

Photocopies the James Dunlap Smyrl Bible were sent to me by Frances Smyrl Jennings, daughter of Herbert Bone Smyrl. The Bible was in the possession of Laurine McCain Forbes at the time of her death. Current location of the Bible is unknown. (Shannon Smyrl)


Lulah Elizabeth Smyrl Was born July 9th 1861 and departed this life October the 15th 1861 Being 3 months and 6 days old

William Lee Smyrl was born July the 10th 1863

John Tate Smyrl was born Dec 20th 1864

Laura Tommie Smyrl was born Nov 29th 186? (It appears it read 1866 and a seven was written over the 6.)

Hettie Rebecca Smyrl was born January 2nd 1869

Ida Ione Smyrl was born March 18th 1871

Ernest Linwood Smyrl was born Feb 25th 1873

James Emmet Smyrl was born March 21 1875

Millard Claude Smyrl was born January 6 1878

Nevie Lou Smyrl was born June 16th 1880

Herbert Bone Smyrl was born Sept 29th 1883

Minerva Jane Smurl was born Setp 10th 1842

James D. Smyrl was born Dec 25th 1836


James D. Smyrl and Minerva Jane Tate Was Married Sept 6th 1860

James R. McCain and tommie Smyrl Was Married Jan.(6th?) 1884

Burette Brittain and Ida Smyyrl was married July 5 1889

Ernest L. Smyrl and Lizzie rogers was married Mar 2, 1894

Ernest L. Smyrl and Ruby Pearl Roark was married March 4, 1907

M.C. Smyrl and Lucia V. McKensie was married Dec 9, 1915

M. C. Smyrl and Ruby Viola Douthit was Married Aug 31, 1924.

Herbert Bone Smyrl and Frances Kite was married Mar. 14, 1916


Lulah Elizabeth Smyrl Departed this life October the 15th 1861 Being 3 months and 6 days old

William Lee Smyrl Departed this life June the 10th 1864 Being 11 months old

John Tate Smyrl Departed this life December 13th 1869

Hettie Rebecca Smyrl Departed this life October 11th 1870

James Emmett Smyrl Departed this life July the 24th 1876 (age I year 4 months and 3 days)

Nevie Lou Smyrl Departed this life October 20th 1882

Minerva Jane Smyrl departed this life Nov 5 1889

James Dunlap Smyrl died Oct. 8 1904 67 years 9 mos 12 days

Christiana N. Smyrl died Jan 10, 1908

Ernest Linwood Smyrl died May 18, 1932.

Laura Tommie Smyrl McCain died Dec. 14, 1941.

Ida Ione Smyrl Brittain died Apr. 6, 1950.


The Richard Samson Bell Bible

Information from the Richard Samson Bell Bible was made available by Mrs. Woody Smith of Troup, Texas July 6, 1976. The Bible at that time was in the possession of her sister who was not well. Mrs. Smith borrowed the Bible so that I could obtain the information from it. (Shannon Smyrl)

Holy Bible containing The Old and New Testament Translated Out of The Original Tongues and with the Homer Translations diligently compared and revised.

N. Y. American Bible society Instituted in the Year 1816

Nonpareile 12 no. 1845

Richard S. Bell was born Oct the 20th 1824

Nancy E. M'Kamy was born Jan the 22 1824

Richard Samson Bell and Nancy Elenor M Kamy was married the 20th of Sept 1849

Mary manerva Bell was born Dec 28, 1851

nancy Elenor Bell was born Feb 27, 1854

Robert Harvey Bell was born Dec the 6 1855

Malissa Ann Bell was born Nove the 9, 1857

John Thomas Hamelton Bell was born Dec 24, 1859

Margaret Melinda Bell was born Ap the 29, 1862

Richard Parthenia Bell was born Nar 29, 1864

Richard S. Bell died Nov the 14, 1864

Malissa Ann Pike died Feb 23, 1889

Mary M. Roark died Jan the 15, 1891

Lula G. Perry died Oct the 13 1893

Mrs. Nancy E. Bell died March 24, 1907

Nancy Ellen Looney died Ap 10, 1912

Joseph Webb and Nancy E. Bell were married Nov the 16th, 1869

Nancy A. Darby was born June 18, 1867 and was married to R. H. Bell Dec the 19th, 1883

Amos Looney born Oct 29, 1874

Anny Looney b Jan 17, 1877

R. A. Looney b. Nov 18, 1879

J. F. Looney b. June 18, 1882

F. G. Looney b. Dec. 5, 1884

Mandy Lee Bell b. Oct 1885

John Richard Bell b. May 31, 1888

Clara Jane Bell b. Sept 22, 1891

Iva Allen Bell b Mar 1, 1894

Robert Harvy Bell b Dec 27, 1897

Lester Lacy Bell b. Feb 12, 1900 died Nov 11, 1900

Alton Dewey Bell b. Oct 6, 1902

Lucy Bell d May 13, 1944 burried on Mother's day the 14

Julie Velma Looney b Dec 27, 1888

Samee Nolan Looney b Mar 9, 1893

Kirk Perry Looney b Nov 30, 1896

R. H. Bell died Dec 30, 1950


James H. David Family Bible

The Holy Bible containing the Old and New Testaments Translated out of The Original Tongues; and with The Former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised The Text Conformable to that of the deition of 1611, Commonly known as the Authorized King James Bersion

The Minter Company Harrisburg, PA. 20th Century Edition

This Certifies that the Rite of Holy Matrimony was celebrated between James H. David of Jacksonville, Texas and Sallie B. David of Jacksonville, Texas on 30th September 1900 at Dallas, Texas


William L. David of Cherokee County, Texas and Sallie B. Priest of Cherokee County, Texas were married February 22nd 1870 at Rusk Texas by Samuel Earl of Tyler, Texas

George B. Engledow of Rusk, Texas and Mary Lou David of Rusk, Texas were married October 15th 1890 at Rusk, Texas by Rev. W. H. Hawkins

C.C. Thompson of Rusk, Texas and Bertie Love David of Rusk, Texas were married at Rusk Nov. 15th by Rev. V. A. Godbey

W. M. David and Leona Austin were married at Palestine, Texas Mar 1st 1903

W. F. Tucker and Bon David were married in Rusk Sept. 10th 1905

E. S. David and Lillye Fry were married in Jacksonville Jan 14, 1906

Utah Taylor and Addie David were married in Jacksonville Mar 21st 1906


William M. David was born March 1st 1871

Mary Lou David was born Oct 15th 1873

Eugene Stanhope David was born Feb 16th 1876

Bertie Love David was born Nov 13 1878

Anna Laura David was born July 8, 1881

Addie Pearl David was born April 2, 1886

Willie B. Engledow was born Aug 10th 1891

Pauline Thompson was born Dec 29th 1899

Forest Willson Thompson ws born Dec 13th 1901

Maurice David Thompson was born Nov 12th 1904

Donald Austin David was born Nov 23, 1903


William Lewis David died October 7th 1895

Maurice David Thompson died may 19th 1906