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Carson County Texas History Book
Volume 1 - 4

[Please note -- I do not have these books, and only provide this
information as a means to know what each volume of the set covers.]

by Jo Stuart Randel


Carson County Texas History Book
Volume 1 - 4
by Jo Stuart Randel, author, 1966.


Volume 1 of 4 volumes.
8 1/2 by 10 1/2 with 340 pages.

Volume 1 gives genealogical and historical information on the county. 

Some of the chapters:

Historical Carson County, History of Carson County, Cattle Barons and Land Syndicates, The Founding of Panhandle and the Coming of the Santa Fe Railway, Events of Early Day Panhandle including the Morrison Murder,

Diary of Five Lill Sisters, Cowboy Life, Early Day Carson and Hutchinson Pioneer Jim Whiteside and Laura V. Hammer, The Clarendon Colony Interviews with Donley Pioneers, History of the City of Panhandle, Social Life, History of the Churches,

Schools of Panhandle and Community Schools, Pioneer Diary the Boydstun Story, Community of Groom, Pioneer Life including Edward Spencer Carr, Lone Star School and Comm., Conway Comm., White Deer, Horseless Carriages, Pioneer Amarillo,

WW1, Oil Boom, Panhandle Pioneers in the 20th century, Depression of the 30's, Marcy Route Through the Panhandle, Century after Marcy. Full of great old photos and stories.


Volume 2 of 4 volumes. 
8 1/2 by 10 1/2 with 384 pages.

Volume 2 focuses on histories of Carson County families.

Some of the surname families covered in this book:

Angel, Apel, Archer, Armstrong, Baker, Beddingfield, Bellinghausen, Bender, Bennett, Berg, Bertrand, Biggs, Bilbrey, Bishop, Boxen, Bost, Boydstun, Britten, Brooks, Buchanan, Burnett, Burum, Callaghan, Calliham, Callison, Carey, Carhart, Carr,

Carroll, Cleek, Coffee, Cooper, Courage, Cox, Cree, Crum, Curyea, Dauer, Davis, Deahl, Detten, Dickson, Dittberner, Dixon, Dellis, Downs, drake, Durrett, Edenborough, Edwards, Ellis, Elston, Evans, Ewing, Farlow, Fields, Ford, Franklin,

Fraser, Freeman, Garretson, Goodnight, Gordzelik, Gores, Graves, Gray, Gribble, Frimes, Grooms, Gunter, Haiduk, Harrell, Harris, Harrison, Harvey, Hawkins, Heare, Held, Henson, Herndon, Hickox, Hill, Hodges, Holcomb, Holland, Hughes, Hunt,

Ingrum, Jackson, Jameson, Jolly, Johnson, Kapral, King, Kirkwood, Knapp, Knorpp, Konecny, Kotara, Lane, Leeper, Lemons Lewis, Lill, Lowes McAlister, Masters, Moss,

Nichell, O'Neal, Powers Purvines, Richardson, Ricks, Roberts, Russell, Satterwhite, Shank, Smith, Tuttle, Tyng, Ware, Wagoner, Walker, Wasson, Weiser, York.


Volume 3 of 4 volumes.
8 1/2 by 10 1/2 with 496 pages.

Volume 3 gives histories of Carson County families
and also a history of the county.

Some of the chapters covered in this book:

Coronado, 1878 Issue of Clarendon News, Land Leases, Temple Houston, Memoirs including Thomas Boger Cree, Cummings Family, R. B. Masterson, Jr., Herbert M. Timmons, Maggie Marie Weatherly,

Biographies of Area Pioneers including Adair, White Deer Lands, T. D. Hobart, Cecil Payne Buckler, Alexander Schneider, M. K. Brown, Burnetts of Texas, Quanah Parker, Finch Family, Almon Brown Strowger, W. B. Haile, Johnson Family and Hat Ranch.

Histories of Panhandle Pioneers including Harrison, Hill, Paul, Carhart, Gray. Pioneer Doctors including Stocking, Warner, Gist. Santa Fe Railroad, Trail Dust, The Pauls, Callaghan Scrapbook, Post Offices, Nunn-Warren, Recollections, School Days, Polish, German, War Years, Oil Boom.


Volume 4 of 4 volumes.
8 1/2 by 10 1/2 with 430 pages. 

Volume 4 is a continuation of histories of Carson County families
and a history of the county.

Some of the surnames covered in this book:

Adair, Allison, Armstrong, Atkins, Barnes, Bell, Bender, Blasdel, Boone, Brown, Burnetts, Cartere, Callaghan, Drum, Dees, Elder, Ellere, Farley, Graber, Gray,

Hendrix, Hill, Hobart, Holden, Houston, Howe, Hull, Humphries, Jackson, Jeffers, Jones, Ketchum, King, Klinke, Koenig, Lewis, Longanacre, Martin, Matheson,
McDaniel, McGovern, Meadows, Maker, Moore, Nelson, Nickell, Nunn, Padget, Paul,

Phillips, Pruitt, Reed, Schwoll, Simmons, Stephenson, Stocking, Stovall, Terry, Thorp, Trigg, Vance, Wadsworth, Warren, Weatherly, Whittemore, Williams, Willis, Wilks, Wink, York


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