Yallo Busha Cemetery
AKA Henderson, Lain Family, Lilly Creek Bottoms, or Hopewell

UPDATE:  Complete transcription with photographs by Geraldine Little Braswell & Sandy Span March 2009
Thanks to Jane Eubanks for sending in her photos.
Read by Curtis Hart 1999 and submitted by the Upshur County Historical Commission.
Thanks to Nancy J F White and Tricia Grimes for their submissions.

Yallo Busha / Yellow Bush Cemetery or The Henderson Burying Ground.

This land was owned by the Henderson family from the earliest day.....But it is said that Henderson's, Mr A D Bass' grandparents, John Smith's ancestors, at least three generations of Lain's, Duffy's Harris, and many more families of this area are possibly buried in this cemetery.

Yallo Busha is an Indian name meaning "beautiful stream".  The cemetery is located in Camp County about 1/4 miles north of the Upshur - Camp County line. 
It is on the north side of FM 2455 1.8 miles west of the FM 2455 and FM 556 intersection. The cemetery is fenced and well maintained.

Diana Ware tells us:  There were many families who came from Yalobusha, MS (Yalobusha County gets its name from the Yalobusha River, whose name means place of the tadpoles) to Texas especially, Upshur and Titus counties. My 2nd great-grandmother, Julia Ann Branum Broadstreet came to Upshur in the early 1870s after the death of her husband. Her brother Thomas P. Branum had moved from Yalobusha Co., to Little Rock, AR, then to Upshur Co. by 1870. He is listed in the census as T. P. Brown. They lived in an area near the border with Franklin Co. that became part of Camp Co., then in the late 1870s they bought land just the other side of "Brushy Creek" on the Franklin Co. side near an area that became known as "Branum's Crossing." This part of the creek is now part of Bob Sandlin Lake and there is still a bridge near where the crossing was. I can't remember the road number but you can cross from Franklin Co. to Camp Co. and vice versa there.  I didn't know if you knew about Yalobusha, Mississippi and just wanted to give you a little history about it. Yes, they did have lots of problems with yellow fever, but the Indian word Yalobusha does not have anything to do with the fever as some believe.  For Yalowbusha, MS information, see the Yalobusha County MSGenWeb site.

As hard as we all try, we are human and sometimes when reading a cemetery we miss a grave covered with leaves, fireants, or bushes. Sometimes the headstone has sunk and is mostly underground. Our area also has many graves only marked with iron ore rocks and even many unmarked graves. There are headstones that have long ago been destroyed by the elements or even vandalizm, and are hard to impossible to read the details. We would appreciate it if you would let us know if you did not find your relative which was buried here, and would appreciate your letting us use the information you know about them. With the combined efforts of us all, we can make the Upshur County website bigger and better.

Efurd, Don El Jan 15, 1924 Feb 28, 1924 Inf/o Calvin N Efurd & Mollie Cole Efrud; not found on 2009 reading
Efurd, Emma Evelyn Dec 28, 1921 Feb 4, 1922 Inf/o Calvin N Efurd & Mollie Cole Efrud; not found on 2009 reading
Efurd, Mary Mar 17, 1924 Mar 17, 1924 Inf/o Calvin N Efurd & Mollie Cole Efrud; not found on 2009 reading
Hackler, Wilma Jo Apr 11, 1954 Mar 15, 2003 W/o James R Hackler; D/o Floyd & Laurice Henderson
Hallonquist, Henry B "Hambone" Jul 8, 1934 Dec 20, 2006 Erman Smith Funeral Home Marker; Obit; H/o Patsy McElhaney; S/o Henry Bonner & Willie Overstreet Hallonquist
Henderson, Floyd Chance "Doc" Aug 1, 1923 Sep 6, 1978 Pic #2;  h/o Laurice Wilma Hallonquist; d/o Henry Bonner Hallonquest & Willie Louisa Overstreet (both buried at Matinburg); submitted by Billy King Pilgrim
Julian, Karen Feb 18, 1959 May 11, 2014 Obit; D/o William Clinton & Vester Jewel Price Julian
Julian, Sammy Kenneth Jun 16, 1944 Jan 29, 2014 Obit; S/o William Clinton & Vester Jewel Price Julian
Latham, Blevin Wesley Aug 2, 1876 Apr 27, 1947 Death Certificate; H/o Rosa Tucker Latham
Latham, Rosa W Tucker Apr 9, 1881 Nov 8, 1970 Death Certificate; W/o Blevin Wesley; D/o William Tucker & Mary Fancis Tucker
McElhaney, Brenda Sue Henderson Jul 28, 1946 Jul 28, 2007 Obit; Erman Smith Funeral Home Marker; W/o Lee McElhaney; D/o Floyd & Laurice Henderson
McElhaney, Willie Lee Dec 5, 1929 Jun 6, 2014 Obit needed; School Info;  H/o Brenda Henderson McElhaney
O'Hara, Colten Blake Thomas Jun 11, 1991 Apr 5, 1994 S/o Edward Allan O'Hara & Tammy Denise McElhaney
Swords, Ellis 1921 1922 -
Unknown Funeral Home Marker      
Unknown Rock
Unknown Rock      
Unknown Rock
Unknown Rock
Unknown Rock      
Unknown Rock      
Unreadable Stone

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