J.M. PEIRCE & Son Funeral Home Records
J.M. PEIRCE & Son Funeral Home Records

The Peirce Funeral Home, located on the corner of South Laurel and Peirce Street in Luling, Texas opened in June 1920. For many years, possibly until 1940, this was the only funeral home in Luling.

The following information is taken from the first accounts ledger, and was printed in the Plum Creek Almanac, starting in 1987 Volume 5 #2. More bits of information (costs, embalming, dates payments were made, etc.) may be obtained by contacting the Genealogical and Historical Society of Caldwell County.

Please allow for errors in typing and transcription. When in doubt, see the original book.

Peirce Funeral Home Records

First Ledger, Starting 1920

Second Ledger, Starting 1926

Third Ledger, Starting 1929

Ledger, Starting 1934, Mexican

Ledger, Starting 1934, Negro

Ledger, Starting 1940

Ledger, Starting 1949

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CCG&S Research Center, Luling TX