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Fairview Community Cemetery
1890 -1930
Borden County Texas

Location:   Ranch Road 1205 and RR 1785 intersection on east side of road 1205 North from Vincent, Howard County to Gail, Borden County Texas.
Picture taken March 1988, Hull family dedicating a new monument to their ancestor, Sarah E. Crouch Hull. donated by Dave Boatman.
Cemetery index gleamed  from the pages of  "Borden Citizen" newsletter , Published by the Borden County Historical Survey Committee - March 1972 , Vol. VII - No. 3 . Permission to print given by
Kenneth Bennett, County Treasurer and Historical Survey Committee  member .

According to LETA GRAY LLOYD's " FAIRVIEW SCHOOL " (pg. 3)  there were only four marked graves at the time of her visit sometime in 1970.

First burials during  the  Spotted Fever and Spinal Meningitis Epidemic   were an unknown father and daughter  who were friends of the Glasscock, Borden County Pioneers. (gleamed from FAIRVIEW COMMUNITY, SCHOOL AND CEMETERY by Mrs. Josie GLASSCOCK DILLANHUNTY, pg 1., "Borden Citizen" newsletter , Published by the Borden County Historical Survey Committee - March 1972 , Vol. VII - No. 3 .
She states, "I recall several others died from the Spotted Fever and Spinal Meningitis.
She remembered  a child, ORA LEE PARR from a rattle snake bite also, a Mr. BROWN ( LETA GRAY LLOYD   remembered 2 BROWN BOYS were buried here).

Ms. LETA GRAY LLYOD stated that a MCKEE marker had been placed there since her 1970 visit. It is inscribed "In Memory of  her son, H. H. MCKEE of  Knoxville , Tenn.
 Ms. LETA GRAY LLOYD and ANDY  GRAY remembered  little LUCY PALMYRA HULL  who was buried there in 1899 at age of three months.
Dave Boatman a descendant of the HULLs informed me that SARAH CROUCH HULL, Lucy's great grandmother was buried to the left of her in 1906, a new memorial stone was placed on Sarah's grave on March 5 1988.
Mr. BOATMAN also stated  that Mrs. LUCY CAROLINE  KIRKWOOD HULL , second wife of SARAH ELIZABETH CROUCH HULL's son,  REV. SAMUEL (SAMMIE) SMITH HULL was buried to the left of  SARAH E. CROUCH HULL in an unmarked grave.

Ms Lloyd also remembers a child of a migrating family became ill and died after eating watermelon  at  their camp site near Fair View Cemetery, and is buried in the cemetery in an unmarked grave.
She also remembered two boys were bitten by rattle snakes , one was an EDMONDSON boy and the two BROWN boys mention previously.
CARL GRAY remembered the ENGLE family whose father was murdered and is buried at FAIRVIEW cemetery along with his oldest son, TOMMY ENGLE who died from the flu in 1917.
To sum up.
1 unknown father (during spotted fever and spinal meningitis epidemic )
2. his unknown daughter (during spotted fever and spinal meningitis epidemic )
3. ORA LEE PARR ( rattle snake bite) ( unmarked grave)
4. BROWN BOY  (unmarked grave)
5. BROWN BOY (unmarked grave)
6. H. H. MCKEE of  Knoxville , Tenn. (memorial stone) placed by his mother, Mrs. McKee,  between 1970 and 1972.
7. LUCY PALMYRA HULL , age 3 months, 1899
Mar. 5, 1813 - Feb. 16, 1906
Oct. 11, 1811 - DIED ABOUT 1890
(stone placed March 5, 1988 by gggranddaughter ,  Nina Rice West)
10. Unknown child who  died from watermelon poisoning.
11. EDMONDSON boy , rattle snake bite. (unmarked)
12. Dewey ENGLE  (father of Tommy, Howard, Willie, Charlie, Dewey, Jr., Mamie Engle Hollar, Pearl Engle Bailey, Gladys Engle Shoemaker) murdered.
13. Tommy, son of Dewey  Sr. and Mrs. Engle died 1917 flu epidemic.

These are the ones that I was able to gleam from reading this issue of the BORDEN CITIZEN.
If you have records of these and  others buried here in unmarked graves , please, email me.


Fairview School 1920's.  More of the following may be buried in unmarked graves in the adjoining FAIRVIEW CEMETERY.

Mr. W. T. Glasscock,  who later sold his remaining land to BUSH and TILLER of the famous BUSH and TILLER RANCH, donated the land in 1890 for the Fairview school /church building, others donated money to built as well to pay teachers.
The following are the names on the picture who pledged  money in 1890.

1.R. A. YATEZ =  3.00
2. J. T.  GIMLEY = 2.50
3. J. F. ANDERSON (?) = 5.00
4. W. A. YATEZ  = 2.50     paid
5. John YATEZ = 2.00 paid
6. T. D. LOVE = 2.50
7. M. G. MOORE = 2.00 paid
8. W. H. SKINNER = 2.00 paid
9 F. M. SPEEN = 1.00 paid
10. C. W. SIMPSON = 1.00  paid
11. J.N. PRINCE  = 2.00
12. J. N. PRINCE (one lot in town)
13. J. S. T. BAKER (?) = 1.00 paid
14. H.S. WALKER =  1.00
15. A. MURPHY = 50 
16. G_ _ _ _ _ ROBERTSON (?) = 2.00
17. T. _ GRAVES = 9.00 paid
18. C. H. SLADE  (?) = 1.00 paid
19. T. M. RAS =1.00 paid
20.  C. W. FINERIN_ARHARN (?) = 5.00 paid
21. M. W. WATCHALL = 1.00 paid
22. B. C. RIC = 1.00 paid 
23. COLE and ED (?) = 1.00 paid
24. J. S. T . BAKER = 1.00 paid
25. ineligible = 1.00 paid
26. L. LEVY (?) = 1.00 paid
27. M. W. Mc M_ _ _ _ in Pork rind oil (lard emc) = 1.00
28. ERNEST GRAVES = 1.00 paid
29. J. F. ATWOOD = .50 paid
30 . S. H. COWAN = 3.00 paid
31. M. K. PARKER = 1.50 paid
32. L. B.PATTERSON = 1.00 paid
33. C. L. MASON = 3.00
34. A. J. MILLER = 1.00
35. A. G. DENMARK = 1.00 paid
36. _ _ SSIE BRO CO = 5.00 paid
37.  ineligible = 2.50
(gleamed from FAIRVIEW COMMUNITY, SCHOOL AND CEMETERY by Mrs. Josie GLASSCOCK DILLANHUNTY, pg 1., "Borden Citizen" newsletter , Published by the Borden County Historical Survey Committee - March 1972 , Vol. VII - No. 3 . (?) means I am unsure of spelling.

The first pioneers in the FAIRVIEW community were  W.T. GLASSCOCK, SPEAR, MORRIS, and PENSARD families who arrived in 1890.
Before that , Rev. GRAVES  and  A. R. GRAY families had arrived. Next came the WRIGHTS, HULLS, RENEAUS, COUCH,  SAWYERS AND MCNEWS, all had children who attended FAIRVIEW SCHOOL / CHURCH.
When not attending their stock or claims, they worked for the larger ranches, namely C. C. and John Slaughter, Bush and Tiller or Gannon.

Six to eight miles south of Fairview community , just a stone throw from Howard County Line, was the MORRIS COMMUNITY which had the closest postal service and also a school. Fairview was located due north of Morris about ten miles south of the Colorado river. Due to the small scale of this map the locations look out of place according to present day maps.

1895 Borden County Map:

This FAIRVIEW school was in operation from 1892 till 1930 , many students passed through its doors.

Ms. Josie GLASSCOCK DILLANHUNTY  remembered the following teachers who served while she attended Fairview School.
W. T. DANNER, W. W. WALLACE, EUGENE YATES, WILL CLARK, MISS AMIE IUNIS, MISS MARY POPE, MISS MCINTIRE and Prof. SAM HATHCOCK, also, the county judge who was the county school superindent, JUDGE SEARCY of GAIL, TEXAS. These teachers roomed with the GLASSCOCKS,  GRAYS, RENEAU, and GROVES or lived in dig-outs or cabins within walking distant from the school.

Ms. LETA GRAY LLOYD attended in the latter days of Fairview school around 1918. In her FAIRVIEW SCHOOL HISTORY, "Borden Citizen" newsletter , Published by the Borden County Historical Survey Committee - March 1972 , Vol. VII - No. 3 , she list the following teachers,
who served during  ORA GRAY'S  school days.
Leta GRAY LLOYD, the daughter of CARL GRAY, remembers the following teachers, 1919 Miss Hattie COFFEE  was teacher, Miss Maude HERRING taught Leta's first year of schooling, Miss Effie STEPHENS , Edna AYRES,  sister to Mrs. Nook Beals, who she boarded with;
Miss Jessie FISHER who also taught music, Miss Gladys MITCHELL , and Miss Edna TAYLOR  wo married Floyd BUCHANAN was the last to teach there.
These teachers boarded with the A. R. Gray's , the  Carl GRAY family, Mr and Mrs Nook Beal at the Beal Ranch.

STUDENTS were Josie GLASSCOCK, Leta GRAY, Irvin  and Marvece CLAYTON, J. Homer BEAL, Jessie SKEEN, Floyd  BUCHANAN, Woodson SMOOT, Ray SKEEN, Colquitt SMOOT, Ruth BENNETT, Edith BENNETT, Ellie SKEEN, Fannie Lee BUCHANAN, Blanche BENNETT , Maud HERRING, Hubert CLAWSON, the ENGLE children, Tommy , Howard, Willie, Charlie, Dewey , Mamie, Pearl and Gladys.
Katy and Corene WRIGHT, Mack, John and Dora RICKARD and Lillian and Charlie SPEARS, who were  the step children of JOHN RICKARD, The A. R. GRAY children were Willie, Arthur, Andy, Carl, Margaret, Ora (Sug), and Loyd, the SKEEN children were Bessie (named already), Vollie, Sam, Locia Bud, Ray, Ellie (named above), and Jessie (named above); HOLLAR children were Elmer, Addie and Buddie , the ANDREWS children were Charlie, Ella, Cullen (Pont), Minnie, Ada, Gracie, and Theenie.
A DOUGLAS  boy, also Della and Lucy COLEY in 1907; Vivian and Virgil CLARK, Loyd BRANNON, George BUCHANAN,
Aubry SMOOT, Ida and Mildred HENRY, Merrill and Ory HUFF, and J. H. (Swiggles) BEALS , Jr., Ora BLYTHE (Mrs. Mit AIKEN) , Maudie GROVES.

In 1916/1918 there weren't enough children to hire a teacher at Fairview  therefore Loyd GRAY attended school at DURHAM and it is thought that the SKEEN children attended school at VINCENT just over the county line in North east corner of HOWARD COUNTY.

PREACHERS  who preached in the Little Fairview School House 1892 - 1930
 Rev. John Petty from Gail  ,  Rev. Samuel (Sammie) W. and Rev. James (Jim)  M.  HULL Fairview or Morris Community , Bro. Hopkins from Gail, Bro. McCarley , brother - in - law to Bro S. C. Shipley.

Leta Gray LLOYD in her memories  of "FAIRVIEW SCHOOL HISTORY", writes "Ora GRAY  remembers that Bro. SAMMIE HULL baptized her father (A. R. Gray) who was a larger man than the Rev. Hull, and Rev. HULL let him sit in the mud during the baptismal."

The Hull families of Early Borden , Howard and Scurry  Counties , Texas.
submitted by Dave Boatman of  Ft. Worth Tx.

Gleamed  from the "Borden Citizen" newsletter , Published by the Borden County Historical Survey Committee - March 1972 , Vol. VII - No. 3 . Permission to print given by Kenneth Bennett, County Treasurer and Historical Survey Committee member . 1972 BORDEN CITIZEN submitted by Dave Boatman. Dave is one of our most faithful contributors.


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