Gail School




Arthur Prince Ross Simpson Baylus Love
Hubert Newbey Ira Wasson Sid Wasson
Charlie Marrow Robert Stiles Charlie Searcy
Shelby Searcy Roy Stiles Edward Newbey
Winson Joplin Jas. Wilbourne Joseph Joplin
Wesley Berry Gibbs Doyle Chas. Berry
Frank Berry Jesse Joplin Rueben Joplin
Thomas Bostick Sid Clark Ralph Mullins
Robert Reding Thomas Caldwell Lee Caldwell
James Reding Luna Love Alvin Wilbourne
Guy Clark George Clark Lillie Clark
Jessie Newbey Maggie Dow Maud Nevels
Ethel Morrow Sammie Morrow Ola Kincaid
Myrtle Jeter Ella Kincaid Tennie Kindcaid
Hettie Kincaid  Ethel Jeter Grace Hopkins
Myrtle Hopkins Mollie Hopkins Goldie Prince
Rebecca Simpson Maudie Berry Roxie Nix
Nora Nix Ethel Wilbourne Callie Stiles
Maud Hopkins Minnie Joplin Lillie Joplin
Mary Doyle Cora Doyle Annie Doyle
Ray Doyle Katie Bostick Bettie Bostick
May Reding Pearl Mullins Beulah Mullins


                                                      Board of Education

                          H. W. Hale                  C.A. Joplin                   H.A. Kincaid


                                          J. M Searcy, County Superintendent


                                              S. A. and Mrs. Hathcook, Teachers


Transcribed by Lisa D. Mahler (March 2013) from a copy of an award presented to Charlie, Ethel and Sammie Morrow.

Given to the Borden County Museum by Pat Wooley, Fort Worth, TX. , descendent of the Everett and Morrow families.

This transcription is property of the Borden County Historical Commission and may not be published without permission from the BCHC.
Use is for research purposes only.