Lake Creek Bridge

Let's Take An Online "Drive" Down The Dirt Roads Of Baylor County

After the letter I wrote to TXDot appeared in the Baylor County Banner, a lot of people called, emailed and came up to me to tell me they were glad I wrote it.   I 'm glad I wrote the letter and let the voice of not only myself but many, from Baylor County, be heard.  

The following are photos I took on the way to the bridge and while there.

(a copy of the letter is under the photos)

My name is Angela Walling. I am a lifelong resident of Baylor County. At a recent meeting of the Baylor County Historical Commission, I learned of TxDot’s authorization to replace the Lake Creek Bridge.
I feel, very strongly, that I must, at least write a letter expressing my sadness on that decision.
When I heard of the decision, I began thinking of all the unique and historical architecture Baylor County has already lost. Our local historical commission has been selling calendars, recently, with old photos from around the county. When people flip through the pages, many say; “I remember when…”, “I miss that…”, “I wish they hadn’t torn that down”, ‘I wish we still had that old…”.
By the time I was born (1974) or old enough to appreciate it, a lot of what was once a part of Baylor County had already been destroyed or replaced with modern, unattractive structures. I don’t want the Lake Creek bridge to be our next “I wish they hadn’t”.
One thing Baylor County has not lost, however, is its beautiful countryside. The long winding, hilly, dirt roads of Baylor County are full of surprises and beauty. With each change of the seasons, new colors and scenery appear.
In one area of the county in particular, known as the Lake Creek Community,
true Texas beauty is always abundant. After going around a sharp curve, you enter an area so peaceful and unspoiled where the trees reach to create a canopy across the unpaved road. It’s very likely, by now; you’ve encountered some wildlife, too. Perhaps a deer, bobcat or turkey has surprised you along this drive. However, an even better surprise is right ahead.
There, an old wood and iron pony truss bridge, built in 1930, stands ready to carry you to the other side of the creek, just as it has carried people across for seventy eight years.
Many times, I have taken photos of my family at this location, before driving on across and, often, being welcomed to the next curve by beautiful rows of wildflowers.
You see, the bridge has been there for so long, it has come to belong there. It represents the roots of a community, mostly abandoned, decades ago.
Though it was built in the years of depression, it was built strong and has withstood time fairly well for nearly eighty years.
So often, in today’s world of readily available, manmade materials, the decision to replace, rather than restore is made.
I ask that you, please, consider preserving a part of my county’s history. So much of our architecture has already been lost to modernization and it would, truly, break my heart and the hearts of others who wish to preserve some of the history of Baylor County if the Lake Creek bridge no longer existed.
I can’t imagine taking my family for one of our drives down the dirt roads of Baylor County, going around that curve, and not seeing that old bridge. It just wouldn’t be the same. Something would be missing. It wouldn’t feel right, after the bridge had been there all of those years, for it to be gone. The once peaceful, charming, photographic countryside would, forever, be altered.
I am very interested in my county’s past and have dug through pages and pages of Baylor County history, trying to find something on this bridge that could be considered historically significant. I tried, so hard, to find a reason for those, not from around here, to want to keep it intact. In the end, however, I guess it comes down to a small town, country girl wanting to take something that is dear to many people of this county and let them keep it, always.
If I could help preserve just one thing in Baylor County, it would be the Lake Creek Bridge.
In 1972, a book, Salt Pork to Sirloin was published. In that book, many people contributed to telling the history of Baylor County. In telling of the Lake Creek Community, Mrs. Melburn Morse wrote
“Who knows how far reaching is the influence today, and in the future of those courageous and hardy pioneers who settled Lake Creek?”
If it is the safety of drivers and passengers of those who cross the Lake Creek bridge which has made you decide to replace it, then, perhaps, you will consider leaving the original bridge intact and placing a new bridge, for traffic, nearby.
When I sat down to write this letter, I knew it would be a long one. I hope I have been able to express to you how important I feel it is to keep this part of Baylor County’s history in Baylor County’s future.
Thank you for taking this request into consideration.

Angela Walling

Updates on the status of the Lake Creek Bridge will be added to this page when available.


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Good news!  It has been decided that the Lake Creek Bridge will be restored, not replaced!

     On Tuesday,  October 28, 2008, the Baylor County Commissioners Court held a meeting to discuss, consider and act on the Lake Creek Bridge.  Several members of the Baylor County Historical Commission and a representative from TXDOT also attended the meeting.  The commisioners decided to keep the bridge and preserve it at it's present location.

Thank you, so much, to everyone who had a part in preserving this part of Baylor County!


Baylor County Commissioners 

Piatt, Morris, Clark and Nelson

Judge Rogers


Baylor County Historical Commission

The following photos, given to me 10/28/2008, were taken in October of 2004.


Monday, July 14, 2014

TXDOT, Baylor County Historical Commission, County and City Officials have agreed to new plans regarding the preservation of the Lake Creek Bridge.

 Since the last update, a few changes to the original plan have taken place. The Lake Creek Bridge will still be saved! It just won't remain at it's present location. At this time, TXDOT, The Baylor County Historical Commission, Baylor County and The City of Seymour have all agreed to move the structure within the city limits of Seymour. This process is currently scheduled to begin in the summer of 2015, likely around June of that year. At that time the Lake Creek Bridge will be removed from it's current location where it has served as a way across Lake Creek since 1930. TXDOT will then replace the bridge with a new one and will take the current one for renovations dealing with safety, etc. Hopefully, by the time TXDOT has completed the necessary repairs the "pads" for the bridge's new home will be complete and the bridge will be placed in the Seymour City Park where it will cross Seymour Creek. As a historical commission, we see this move as a good thing and are happy that it will be placed across another creek of historical significance to the county. At the bridge's current location, in what was known as the Lake Creek Community at the time it was built, it is seen by few and unknown to many. Often, the target of vandalism, the bridge has stood strong for many generations. However, in an effort to improve access, safety, and in hopes of more people being able to know of the bridge's history we believe this is the best option for it. As more plans are made, throughout the upcoming year, I will keep you updated on the progress.


Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Preparations being made for relocation to City Park in Seymour!

Currently, the relocation is scheduled for late April of 2016.  The bridge, which has spanned Lake Creek for eighty-six years, will be removed from its longtime location and placed over Seymour Creek in the park. The City of Seymour has already begun the process of preparing concrete pads for the bridge to rest on. If you drive through the park, you can see the concrete pads from the road. The pads are located right along the area where the creek bends and begins running South. After the bridge is disconnected from the banks of Lake Creek it will be brought to the park and placed, by crane, onto the prepared site. The bridge will then undergo a restoration process before being opened to the public.  Following the completion of the city’s restoration, a plaque, which will be purchased by the historical commission, will be placed at the site, atop a pillar of rock, giving information on the history of the bridge, its preservation and relocation.   Hopefully, everything will be completed before June, when the city plans to host a celebration marking the 75th anniversary of the City Pool.


Above photos were taken 4/20/2016



Monday, April 25, 2016

TxDot Crew Getting Bridge Ready For Removal!

After stretching over the Lake Creek for just a couple of months short of 86 years, the bridge is about to be removed.  TxDot started getting the Lake Creek Bridge ready for removal today, April 25th, 2016.  When members of the Baylor County Historical Commission arrived at the site to photograph and document the process the boards had been removed and neatly stacked so that they can be reinstalled once the bridge has been placed over Seymour Creek.  Support beams were placed across the top of the truss.  Tomorrow, (weather permitting--since this is Texas and we're right in the midst of storm season with a good chance of wild weather tomorrow) the crane is scheduled to arrive and lift the bridge.  So, check back for updates!

Above photos were taken 4/25/2016

Updates will also be available on the Baylor County Museum's facebook page.