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Name, source, m or f, race, date of birth, date of death, notes
Beck, Robert headstone W 9/28/1835 11/22/1888 B. Germany. 2nd Husb of Augusta Herford and Johanna Rathman. emm 1879
Caldwell, William headstone W none 1884
Callaghan, Elizabeth Jane headstone F W 1/2/1868 4/6/1935 Dau of James Ross and May I Hill Burt. 67y 3m 4d. Death record says Red Rock
Eisenbeck, Mary A headstone W 2/11/1815 2/6/1888
Goertz, Philip headstone W none 1883
Goertz, Philip Sr headstone W 3/2/1825 3/28/1900 Son of John P & Catherine Eichorn in Wurges Germany. Husb of Catherine Hartmann & Fernanda Schwab.
Goertz, Willie headstone W 5/18/1889 5/18/1889 Baby of Peter & Mary
Harbich, Infant headstone W 9/23/1876 9/23/1876 Child of Armand & Anna Harbich
Hill, Clement B headstone W 1/26/1883 2/18/1885 B KY. No Cross No Crown
Hill, Richard Hamilton headstone W none 8/23/1890 81 yrs.
Hoffman, Joseph headstone W none 2/5/1890 age 16. Son of Joseph & Josephine
Hoffman, William headstone W none none
Klaus, Annie headstone W none 1891 unmarked. Wife of John.
Klaus, Infants headstone unkn unkn Twins of John and Annie Klaus
Larvin, Frank headstone W none none Co C IME H ART
Larvin, Julia headstone 1/27/1854 11/11/1915
Probst, August headstone W none 11/27/1889 age 27
Probst, Bernardt headstone W 1828 8/1883 Age 55. Husb of Veronika Hilbich. B. Schlesien State, Prussia.
Probst, Richard headstone W 11/29/1857 1/6/1885
Rathman, Joseph headstone W 12/24/1884 7/10/1955 Husb of Maggie Larvin. Son of Joseph & Caroline
Schwirtlich, Veronica headstone W none 1885
Walenta, Antonie headstone W 11/14/1827 3/30/1892
Wolf, Mitchell (Michael) headstone W 3/17/1847 101/29/1927 Son of Johannes & Catherine. Beloved husband, father
Wolf, Rebecca Hill headstone W 10/11/1847 5/23/1925(3) Wife of Michael. Good wife, mother