Name, source, m or f, race, date of birth, date of death, notes
Esperanso, Maria undertaker F H Unkn 10/17/1935 Dau of Miguel and Sorocco Quemes Rivera
Gomez, Benito undertaker M H unkn 3/8/1936 Son of John and Jensa Marquis Gomez. 17y 5m 22d
Lara, Andrew undertaker F H unkn 6/8/1936 Dau of Pedro and Gusine Ortiz Lara. 18y 4m 18d
Lara, Constancia Rivera undertaker F H unkn 9/10/1929 Dau of Antonio Rivera and Venidido Ortz. Age 5y
Lara, Pedro undertaker M H unkn 5/1/1936 62years. Suicide
Martinez, Severa undertaker F H unkn 1/18/1929
Rivera, Demries undertaker M H Unkn 12/19/1933 Son of John Rivera and Marie
Rivera, Manuel undertaker M H Unkn 9/27/1933 Son of Antonio Rivera and Bends? Lara
Rivera, Peter Jr death cert M H unkn 5/14/1930 Son of Peter Rivera Sr and May Galvan. Age 4yrs

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