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Reid's Bend Area (County Rd 969

Information gathered from survey and death records

Abram, Ola V nee Thorn unkn 5/11/1936 Dau of Frank and Francis Hadly Thorn. 53y 6m 9d

Aldridge, Faunt 8/7/1869 6/12/1965 Hus of Melinda

Alridge, Melinda none 8/20/1972 unmarked. Wife of Faunt.

Banks, Ervin 2/14/1889 12/19/1969 WIDOWED

Burleson, Edward 3/29/1902 1/28/1984 Son of Neely & Alabama Clark Burleson.

Clark, Infant Unkn 11/18/1935 Son of Audell and Tuny Mae Cars Clark. 1day

Culberson, Tom Unkn 2/8/1936 Son of Ganville Culberson. 64y

Davis, Arthur none 12/11/1959 age 61

Davis, Lee 4/12/1899 5/24/1961

Davis, Mattie 1877 1981

Davis, William C 1911 1975

Deary, Charles R 1956 1977

Demps, Fannie M 3/1/1921 3/30/1964

Denis, Luliza Unkn 1/10/1933 31y. Dau of Tom Culberson and Dela Hogan. Unmarked

Easley, Olivia 5/12/1904 10/1/1970 62y 4m 19d

Ebbs, Emmer none 2/13/1913 Wife of Frank

Ebbs, Frank none 8/10/1910 Hus of Emmer

Ebbs, John 1900 1950 Mason

Flower?, Bady? unkn 10/11/1928 dau of Jordon Williams. Unmarked

Foster, Helen unkn 12/31/1937 Dau of Bob Thompson and May Dillard

Fowler, ? none none

Fowler, Infant unkn 10/2/1938 Dau of Clarence Fowler and Minnie Bird

Grant, Mattie L 1945 12/16/1971 SINGLE

Hardin, John Henry 1888 9/4/1985 96y

Hardin, Pearlie 1890 3/3/1978

Harding, Bettie Morgan 8/1/1901 11/12/1965

Henderson, J. H. none none unmarked.

Hines, Maggie unkn 5/5/1918 dau of Sezer King. Unmarked

Humphries, Lilly B unkn 10/30/1939 34y 9m 22d. Dau of Wm Robinson and Leah Veal

Hunter, Eugene none 11/29/1969 unmarked. Son of Robert & Francis age 71

Hunter, Francis none 2/4/1918 Wife of Robert. Age 48

Hunter, Jefferson none 2/8/1915 Hus of Lizzie. Slave at Hunter's Bend. Age 85

Hunter, Lizzie none 12/28/1915 Wife of Jefferson. Slave at Hunter's Bend. Age 86

Hunter, Robert 1885 5/6/1956

Hunter, Sam none none age 34

Jackson, Juli L 8/26/1911 7/31/1955

Jenkins, George none none Son of M. H. age 17y

Johnson, Paul unkn 10/9/1929 Son of John Contrus. Age 60y. Unmarked

Johnson, Paul D unkn 7/14/1939 18y 6m 20d Son of P. D. Johnson and Edna Dalliard

Joiner, Andrew 1908 11/23/1986 Hus of Savanah

Joiner, Savanah 1907 4/7/1975 Wife of Andrew

Jones, Nancy unkn 4/9/1936 Dau of Henry and Mira Solomon Darnell. 83y 1m 4d

Kenedy, Walter unkn 8/12/1918 son of Enox Kenedy. Age 45.. Unmarked

King, Ida May unkn 2/25/1929 Dau of Iserd? King and Tennie Williams

King, Sherman Unkn 4/26/1931 Son of H. S. King and Ella Ealy. Unmarked

Mackey, Clarence H 6/16/1950 3/10/1978 Son of Eddie & Hattie

Mackey, Eddie 3/11/1912 7/13/1979

McDonald, Lee Edward 1/1/1919 8/7/1985 Son of Chester & Della Smith McDonald. Hus of Bertha Thompson

Moore, Anne unkn 1/18/1930 60y. Dau of Jack Burheard. Unmarked

Moore, Jeff none 2/2/1960 age 55y 11m 27d

Moore, Lee Arthur 1/5/1901 8/23/1956 age 55y 11m 27d

Moore, Mary G 12 1958 1959

Moore, Roydell 1944 1971

Morgan, William unkn 4/23/1936 Son of J. C.and Myrtle McMarron Morgan

Oatman, Charlie Unkn 3/3/1932 Son of George Oatman. Unmarked

Olridge, Nancy none 9/8/1914 age 71.

Perkins, Tina Hunter none none unmarked

Roberson, George none none unmarked. Hus of Martha

Roberson, Johnnie L 1885 1969

Roberson, Martha none 4/27/1968 age 49y 4m 16d

Robertson, Eula Bell Unkn 3/2/1932 13-6. Dau of Joe Robinson asnd Lusie Culberson. Unmarked

Robinson, Sir? unkn 11/10/1929 Son of Matt and Sallie Robinson. Unmarked

Showers, August 1845 1912 age 67

Showers, Elizabeth none 2/20/1921 age 32 yrs 1 mo 3 days

Simmons, Alabama none 4/25/1968 age 79y 6m 17d

Simmons, Andy none none Hus of Alabama

Simmons, Green none none

Simmons, Laura 1901 1984 Wife of Aaron

Smith, Lee Arthur none none unmarked

Smith, Rufus 11/11/1898 2/7/1931 Son of Jim Smith & Ms Houston. Age 33y. Unmarked

Stanly, Claibon Unkn 8/22/1931 Son of Hanible Sanly And May Franklin. Unmarked

Sutton, James none 1945 Son of James & Littie

Sutton, Littie none none unmarked. Wife of James

Sutton, Margaret none 11/23/1957 age 76

Sutton, Mary none 1935 Dau of Dave & Sue Williams. Wife of James

Sutton, Mary Jane none 6/13/1977 77y 4m 12d.

Sutton, Mary Jane none none unmarked. Wife of Pink Sutton

Sutton, Mary L unkn 10/15/1929 Dau of Dary Williams and Sue M Hath?. Age 41y. Unmarked

Sutton, Onermae 1/15/1910 5/26/1923

Sutton, Pink none none unmarked. Son of James & Litttie

Taylor, James none 4/1/1900 age 50.

Taylor, Pearlee none none unmarked. Wife of Reuben

Taylor, R. T. unkn 3/31/1930 Son of R. T. Taylor and Mahalia Green. Unmarked. Age 22

Thompson, A. J. none none Hus of Jeraldine Hyder & Mary

Thompson, John none 11/2/1961 Father of Plummer

Thompson, John Henry unkn 11/14/1939 7d. Son of John Henry Thompson and Helen May Robinson

Thompson, John Leonard 1909 1973 Brother to Plummer

Thompson, Mary Dec-12 Oct-82 Wife of A. J. Thompson

Thompson, Pegge unkn 2/26/1939 70y. Dau of Allen Miller

Thompson, Plonnie none none Wife of John Daily

Thompson, Willie none 11/18/1954 80y. Bro to John

Ward, Rovina 1883 1975

Washington, Dee 1899 1971

Washington, Johnes 1903 7/16/1980

Washington, Savannah 1891 2/17/1980 Mother

Washington, Zed Unkn 12/12/1931 Son of Morris Washington. Unmarked

Williams, Learoy 10/3/1921 3/21/1953 TX TEC 5 94 Engineer GS BN WW II

Williams, Leo unkn 1/10/1929 Son of Gus Williams and J. Davis

Sudduth, James 1846 6/3/1919 Served in CSA age 73