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Steiner Ranch, Texas

partial listing


Allen, Dennis Jr undertaker M N unkn 5/24/38 4y 20d. Son of Dennis Allen and Minnie Howard

Banks, Tobe undertaker M B unkn 01/12/1930 60y. Husb of Hagar Martin?

Howard, John undertaker M B unkn 11/21/1936 Son of Jim and May Townsend Howard. 16y 4m 27d

Macky, Charles undertaker M B Unkn 03/25/1932 Son of Jim Macky and Laura Pristly

Macky, Laura undertaker F  N unkn 9/29/1938 82y. Dau of Nathan Priestly

Ogg, Infant undertaker M W unkn 06/02/1936 Son of Emmit and Ruth Johnson Ogg. 2hours

Rector, Elpluris undertaker M B unkn 04/12/1930 11y. Son of Allen Rector and Beulah Rector

Rector, Victoria undertaker F  B unkn 03/03/1930 Dau of Cleve Rector and Bulah Rector

Rogin, Mandy undertaker F B unkn 07/01/1930

Williams, Chas undertaker M B Unkn 10/08/1933 Son of Alex Williams

Williams, Earlie undertaker M B Unkn 09/02/1933 Son of Wade Williams and All Nora Hardin

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