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Hills Prairie, Bastrop Co., Texas

Very limitied information from funeral records


Brown, Sarah unkn 5/26/1937 Dau of William and Sally Hubbard Howard. 73y 3m 2d

Clark, Benjamin unkn 10/28/1918 age 10. Son of Rube Clark and Lu Trigg.

Clark, Floyd unkn 6/25/1928 son of Rube Clark and Louise Clark. Shot with gun

Crene, Jane unkn 10/24/1917

Davis, John unkn 12/1/1917

Estell, Ashler unkn 8/30/1918 age 85.

Estell, Thelma unkn 7/13/1940 24y 4m 8d. Dau of Milus? Estell and Bertha Killough

Hyden, Kero unkn 6/19/1928 son of Gabe Hyden. Shot with shotgun

Kellough, Sam unkn 9/9/1918 son of Rasbury Killough and Mirah Clifton. Age 60.

Killough, Eliza unkn 6/1/1939 84y 3m 15d. Son of Rasbery Kellough and Marie Trigg

Killough, Rasbry unkn 1/2/1918 age 91. Son of Wlm Killough

Martin, Lillie unkn 10/30/1929 Dau of Ed Douglas

McConly, Ben Unkn 4/7/1934 Son of Hary McConly and Fanne Staffles. Killed by another man

McConly, Hay? Unkn 5/12/1935 Son of Sid McConly. 94y 6m 27d

Moore, Rubly unkn 6/20/1939 32y 3m Dau of Jesse Slides and J? Hyden.

Trigg, Tommi unkn 6/28/1918 son of Walsh and Peggi Trigg

Slider, Jim Unkn 11/8/1935 Son of Tom and Carrie Trigg Slider. 21y

Williams, Ernest Unkn 10/13/1935 Son of Gus and May Washington Williams. 16y 1m

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