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Hill's Prairie, Texas


Hill, Abram Wiley headstone W 2/10/1816 12/29/1884 Soldier in the TX War for Indep. 1836. A San Jacinto Vet. State marker 1962

Hill, E.E. (Elizabeth) headstone W 4/28/1818 6/1/1893 Wife of A.W.

Hill, Infant headstone W no dates none Daughter

Hill, Infant headstone W no dates none Daughter

Hubbard, Ann J headstone W 1/22/1836 4/28/1872 Wie of R.W. Hubbard

Hubbard, Augustus M headstone W 12/27/1822 10/21/1881 Father

Hubbard, Elizab'h A headstone W no dates 8/25/1851 Consort of B.M. In her 25th year

Hubbard, John R headstone W 3/14/1833 8/29/1855

Hubbard, Louie M headstone W 6/10/?? 1/2?/???? Son of R.O. & Sallie

Hubbard, Martha A headstone W no dates 5/28/1869 Wife of B.M.. age 50 yrs

Hubbard, Martha E headstone W 12/22/1832 7/23/1884 Mother. Wife of Augustus M

Hubbard, Martha Eva headstone W 9/18/1860 2/10/1880 Sister

Hubbard, Nancy headstone W no dates 9/18/1870 age 80 yrs

Hubbard, R.W. headstone W 8/1/1825 04/07/1901 Husb of Ann J

Hubbard, R.W. Jr headstone W 9/3/1867 12/21/1893

Hubbard, Robert A headstone W 8/25/1848 3/28/1856 Son of B.M. & Eliz A

Hubbard, William Augustus headstone W 12/7/1848 3/28/1856

Folk History has it that John Wilkes Booth is buried here under the oak tree.

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