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Watterson Area, Texas


Hendrix, Abner Wright headstone W 12/31/1885 07/15/1968 Son of Daniel & Francis. Wed 7/15/1968 Katie Rathman. In God We Trust

Hendrix, Aubra M headstone W 11/24/1885 03/25/1948 He died as he lived, a Christian

Hendrix, Burl M headstone W 01/28/1921 08/24/1936 Go with God. Son of Abner W & Katie.

Hendrix, Cordellia headstone W 1861 1951 They trusted God. Wife of James H.

Hendrix, Daniel Clary headstone W 7/11/1825 11/29/1899 5th Serg Co B TX Inf Confed States Army

Hendrix, Eliza J headstone W 9/12/1887 01/07/1944 Good bye, Sweet one in Heaven.

Hendrix, Emmett headstone W 09/17/1908 06/28/1991 In God we Trust. Son of Abner & Katie. Husb of Paula Goertz

Hendrix, Granvil T headstone W 10/26/1885 08/03/1945 At Rest.

Hendrix, James Clarence headstone W 07/20/1911 01/02/1945 We will meet again

Hendrix, James H headstone W 1857 1937 Husb of Cordellia. They trusted God.

Hendrix, John D headstone W 12/2/1863 11/18/1937 At Rest. B. AR

Hendrix, Josephine Sorrells headstone W 3/7/1866 06/17/1954 At Rest. B. AR

Hendrix, Katie M nee Rathmann headstone W 1/24/1891 02/28/1953 Wife of Abner Wright Hendrix

Hendrix, Lerah headstone W 1915 1982 Wed 5/25/1935

Hendrix, Lewis James headstone W 7/18/1887 09/14/1950 Son of Daniel & Francis. Husb of Ollie Watson. TX SEA USN WWI. On 1910 census with George, Abner, Louis and Richard

Hendrix, Morgan F headstone W 1824 1939 Only Sleeping

Hendrix, Nathaniel Daniel "Nat' headstone M  W 12/7/1890 07/04/1979

Hendrix, Tom C headstone W 1914 none Husb of Lerah

Hendrix, Willie T headstone M  W 1899 1966 SINGLE 

Moncure, Georgia headstone W 1915 none

Moncure, Jack headstone W 1911 1986

Osborn, Annie C headstone W 11/28/1888 11/29/1958 Husb of Annie. Asleep in Jesus Blessed thought

Osborn, Hiram J headstone W 2/26/1881 08/29/1956

Osborn, Lonnie L headstone W 10/25/1909 06/27/1981 Husb of Winnie

Osborn, Winnie V headstone W 12/14/1906 11/09/1993 In the shadow of his wings, there is rest.

Smith, Ola headstone W 1883 1964 Daughter

Smith, T. L. headstone M W 2/3/1855 02/07/1940 85y 3m. Son of John Smith. At Rest. Born in TX

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